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The Hana Florist POS Story

Hana florist POS was started under some very unique circumstances. The company came into being due to a huge gap in the POS market for a system that could solve many of the problems modern flower shop owners face.

Not only were current POS systems failing new flower shop owners who were struggling to get their businesses off the ground, but established ones were constantly hitting brick walls with them as well.

This set us on a journey to bring florists a business tool that would truly help them succeed. And we’ve been doing exactly that since we first went live in our very own Blossom’s Florist, back in 2010. (Blossom’s Florist is the flower shop owned by our Hana CEO and Shalini)

In the years since then, we’ve been fortunate to enjoy the support of the florist community who has made Hana a welcome member of its growing family. Our mission is driven by the overwhelming support and participation in Hana’s growth by the very same people who use it each and everyday.

And we’ve grown as a business also. From a single idea that spawned in Shilani’s flower shop, to a complement of over 15 staff members, Hana HQ is turning into a tight-knit family of techies and floral aficionados who are here to serve you.

Our support team is here to help our new customers make an easy transition from their old systems and ensure they get the most out of Hana. We’re also committed to building strong relationships with existing customers who have supported us right from the start. We do this by making ourselves available whenever we’re needed.

With that said, we at Hana would like to sincerely thank the florist community for their support and involvement in building a point of sale solution that is loved and used by more than 223 flower shop owners across the country.

So what’s next for Hana? We’ll leave that up to you, our customers, because we know that Hana’s phenomenal rise to becoming the POS solution of choice for florists is because we built it with you in mind. And there so much more to come in the coming months and beyond!

With tools that connect you to your staff, customers and a massive marketplace on the web, Hana is giving you the power to take charge of your business, your way. Take control of every aspect of your business: from wire services to event planning and efficient inventory management – we even have a complete marketing solution to help you build your brand and connect with your customers wherever they are.

Whether you’re a new or established flower shop owner, we’d like to invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to create something unique – just like you do each day. We designed Hana to be the ideal solution for florists looking to grow beyond the four walls of their business.

Here’s to making the business of flowers personal again!