Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a way to mark an order as picked up?

There is indeed an option to select the pick up order and mark as picked up.

Can we get orders from my website into Hana?

Our mission is to empower florists with technology and towards that end, we offer an API, an web service which enables external website providers to send orders into Hana. It is very quick and easy.

It is for your web site provider to send orders to Hana using our web service. We will be happy to share the technical information with your web site provider anytime.

How does system handle walk in vs. Pickup vs. Delivery?

You can mark orders as pick up, delivery or walk-in directly in the Single screen order taking page. It is very easy and seamless.

What kind of receipt is used for walk ins?

A florist planning to sign up with us will never have to buy new hardware for compatibility reasons. Hana works with any of your existing receipt printers, regular printers and cash draws. Any regular receipt printer like Epson or Star will work with our system.

Client contacts

Can receipt be emailed to customer?

Yes, if you capture email address at the time of order taking, a professional email providing details of the order is automatically sent out.

Alternatively, you can always send email again if customer requests directly from the order page.

Hana also provides you the ability to modify your email templates and decide what and how you want to design and word these emails.

Do you support external emailing services like MailChimp?

Our system actually sends emails using your email system, your email account etc. The email is actually sent on your behalf. None of your customers will even know Hana exists. We just use our servers to send the emails. If you still need to export, all customer data can easily be exported, but we do not see any reason to export when you can easily send the email directly with 2-3 clicks.

Payment and tracking

How does Hana POS handle payments credit vs. Check vs. Cash?

From order taking screen, you can choose the MOP ( method of payment). Hana POS offers invoice, credit card, check, cash methods.

Can system pop a cash drawer?

Yes of course it does.

How does system handle refunds?

You simply pull up the order and select refund and system handles the rest. Our system refunds based on prev transaction id. you do not need to take credit card number again.

How does system handle discounts?

Directly from order screen, you can key in discounts or discount % and will be applied automatically.

Program features

Do you have Multi Location and Multi Shop feature?

Hana POS has very advanced Multi Shop and Multi Location features. You can have separate logins for each shop and also have a consolidated login to review all shops at once. We also support features where by it is easy to consolidate and dispatch from a single location for holidays.

Can you track sales using product categories?

You can configure Hana POS with different items and product categories and easily track different types of sales like greens, flowers, gifts etc.

Does Hana have employee time clock features?

Yes Hana has password driven web based Employee Punch clock. We also integrate with Icon Time employee time clock.