Grow your Budding Florist Business with Hana Software

A POS System Designed By Florists – For Florists.

What Hana’s Florist POS Software Can Do for You


Save Time

Spend more time on the creative aspects of your business by automating time consuming business processes.


Save Money

Less wasted time and more time spent increasing sales and profits with an efficient solution for managing your business.


Make Life Easy

Seamlessly automate your business admin with our POS solution. Our innovative software for florists is easy to use and affordable too.

Our Florist Point of Sale Features


Streamlined Order Taking

Save time on every order by using our one screen setup. Customer information is saved on every order, further automating your sales process.


Monitor Orders Easily

Every order is saved in the system and can be accessed at any time. The customer’s complete order history can be viewed, making it easy to understand buying behaviours.


Speedy Dispatch

Hana’s dispatch process is not only quick, but efficient too. Scan all orders with a bar-code scanner and save valuable time with our powerful and feature-rich POS system.


Online Platform

Our web-based service is easily accessible from anywhere in the world on any device. You don’t need to buy any new hardware, and you can be up and running within 1 day.


Integrate with Accounts Software

Hana integrates easily with your preferred accountancy software. Our service supports whatever format your data is in, and we integrate seamlessly with quick books desktop  too.


Eliminate Waste Paper

Stop working with bits and pieces of paper. Our expertly designed POS system feeds all messages and enquiries into an easy to use interface. It’s as straightforward as managing your email.

Getting Started


Integrates with Existing Hardware

There’s no hardware to purchase. Hana integrates with your current computers, printers, and receipt printers.


Integrates with Existing Software

Hana works alongside your existing software. We seamlessly integrate with the tools you’re already using.


Speedy Setup

We can have you up and running within one day. There’s no need to install any hardware or software.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

‘This POS is very comprehensive and offers a lot of great features. It covers a lot of unique requirements from Local Florist”

Jeff Osterman

“Apart from being a great service, I am im­pressed with how quickly they are able to make changes.”

Amal Chamalia

‘Love the program. It makes following Wire Service orders with problems a snap. No hunting for paperwork!!”

Phil Frederick

‘We love Hana. It has some great features and it keeps getting better each day. They are adding tons of new features.”

Ron Vicksman

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designed by florists, for florists.