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As an independent florist, you have your hands full. Running your shop successfully requires taking orders, processing payments, keeping track of deliveries, keeping your customers happy, and making sure your stock moves fast. On top of all this, you also need to make your incredible floral arrangements while keeping up with the local competition.

Old florist POS systems can make it difficult to compete with big flower companies, convenience stores, and other flower shops in your area. Jamming printers, unanswered emails, and piles of paper print outs can leave you feeling stuck.

Hana Software's Floral POS system can help.

Hana Florist POS is a floral POS system developed by florists for florists and operates like your personal flower shop assistant. Our florist point of sale software provides you with a complete set of tools so you have all the technology you need to make running your flower shop more efficient, improve customer service, and keep clients coming back for repeat sales.

A complete range of florist POS features

  • Delivery tracking: Our flower shop POS system integrates with Google maps for live delivery tracking and optimized routing so you can keep track of your on-time deliveries while managing the cost of having a delivery vehicle on the road.

  • Paperless billing: When you use Hana Florist POS, you don't need to sweat paper-heavy payments. Our flower shop POS system is partnered with Clearent for easy payment processing solutions. Customers can make credit card payments safely and reliably every time. What's more, Hana integrates with all major wire services to make taking orders easy so you never have to worry about missing an order.

  • Data security: Hana Florist POS is built in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing track of data even in the event of an emergency. The cloud is also more secure because servers are located in warehouses that workers don't typically have access to. The files you have stored on our cloud servers are encrypted, too, which makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to access your data.

  • Mobile app access: Hana Florist POS is available on mobile so you have access to the tools you need wherever you are. Customers can sign off on deliveries right in the app while keeping you updated on new or changing orders.

Develop and manage proposals

Hana Florist POS comes with a proposal module designed to help you develop full proposals right from your desktop or mobile app. You can create budgets, approve rates, route proposals electronically, approve proposals, and submit or distribute them as necessary.

Receive More orders

Hana POS partnered with to generate orders for florists. No containers, no hefty wire service fees, no hidden charges. Simply receive orders and fill them. Much better quality for customers and a good deal for florists. That's our mission.

Keep customers happy

Not only does Hana Florist POS provide you with billing and tracking assistance, but our flower shop POS system is also designed to help you keep your customers coming back. Our flower shop software allows you to reach out to your customers with email marketing tools. Email marketing is a great, low-cost alternative to mainstream marketing channels. You can reach out to an already engaged audience, deliver targeted messages, drive revenue, and measure your data easily.

Our flower shop POS system also enables content marketing so you get a professional flower shop website design with high-quality content and SEO to reach a wider audience.

Your customers can also make their own accounts through our florist POS system so they can make their next shopping experience with your flower shop even more efficient. Hana stays up to date with all the latest features and technology, including automated printing, so you never have to worry about falling behind in a changing market.

Ready to get started with our flower shop POS system? Contact Hana Software to learn more about the ins and outs of our software system package and how your flower shop can benefit from working with us today.

Super fast order entry coupled with easy look up of customers and order history.
Our avg order entry time is 69 seconds.

Find customers and send order fast with google maps integration.

Be the master marketer with great, responsive email campaigns.

Take full control of your business and never miss a beat!

Answer any question about your business with highly insgihtful, out-of-the-box analytics and charts.

How it Works

Step 1 : Say hello to your new beautiful website

Your new website is designed to be engaging, intuitive and a pleasure to visit. Combined with Hana POS, you’ll reduce overheads while increasing new and repeat business.

Step 2 : We optimize and market your website

A personalized website that represents your unique brand. We’ll set up all your marketing for you so you get found online and start processing more direct orders.

Step 3 : Get ready for new and repeat customers

Get ready for increased direct business.
In about 90 days, you will start receiving more orders and increased revenues.

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Websites built for growth

You always wanted a website for your flower shop but where do you even start? let Hana build, maintain, optimize and secure your online store at zero cost. We designed some of the most beautiful and feature-rich websites that generate more direct business and give you more independence from wire services.

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Hana Florist POS just got a whole lot better!

When it comes to running a busy Flower shop, few things can hamstring your business more than paper-heavy processes. Also, for customers, paying for flowers shouldn’t dampen the experience of buying a beautiful bouquet. Hana Floral pos let’s you focus your energies where they matter most; tending to your stems, engaging your customers, growing your brand and letting your creativity run wild. Hana Blossom offers flower shop owners features like multiple computer support, automatic card printing and even tighter integrations with wire services. Also, with Hana Blossom you get all the features of our Bud plan plus a stunning proposal module that lets you put together impressive proposals for events.

The Hana florist POS proposal module is the perfect tool for expanding your Floral POS business to include events in and around your area. With Hana florist POS, florists are able to start small and grow when the time is right. Advanced marketing tools, email campaigns for up to 1000 contacts, a super-handy customer portal that gives your house accounts access to their billing and order information, access to our fully functional mobile app and even more integrations make Hana Bouquet the ultimate florist POS solution.

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