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5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Florist Point of Sale System

The sights and scents that a florist gets to enjoy within the flower shop make the entire endeavor worthwhile. It becomes magical seeing your customers smile as they shuffle through the different floral arrangements before making the purchase. The strong ties that you make with the clients as you try to find the perfect bouquet for an occasion can be fulfilling.

You may need the right set of tools and technology to help you succeed in your flower business. A robust florist point of sale system should be the bare minimum. Sadly, most florists make costly mistakes while trying to find the right solution for their business, causing a loss in productivity, time, and money.

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List of mistakes to avoid when picking a Florist POS System.

1. Not Defining Your Needs

Most florists do not have a clear understanding of the features and functionality that the flower shop needs from the POS software. The florist point of sale system ends up not serving its purpose, leaving the business bleeding money.

Avoid falling into the illusion of digital transformation and determine your exact business needs. The software provider can give a demonstration of how their florist POS fits into your business model.

2. Neglecting Due Diligence

What do you know about the vendor proving your new florist point of sale software? You may need to research both the provider and the system you are about to buy. You may need to find a firm that exclusively handles florist businesses, such as Hana Software, as they harbor vast experience in the flower industry.

How long has the company been in business? What do other florists with the POS software say about the system? Finding answers to these questions is key to establishing the right fit for your business.

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3. Insufficient Training

One of the major pitfalls most florists fall into is investing limited time in training. Your staff may require adequate training to acclimatize themselves to the ins and outs of the system. Knowledge about the florist point of sale software is critical to your success. No matter how great the florist point of sale software is, poorly trained users can render it ineffective.

4. Getting the Cheapest POS System

It is easy to get carried away by the different features and specs associated with the POS systems from different vendors. Some end up settling for cheap products that do not meet their needs. Picking a cost-effective solution is a smart move but not if you compromise vital features necessary for your operations.

Have a list of must-have features that you are looking for in the florist point of sale system before heading out for your hunt.

5. Ignoring Support

Most florists fail to realize that the POS purchase is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the vendor. Updates and bug repairs for your systems are key to ensuring that your software works at its optimum capacity. It would help if you found a provider who can effectively answer your technical questions, reducing your business’s disruption.

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Apart from above software features, in the new digital age, marketing and business generation are a part and parcel of any software. Hana Florist POS can in fact help you gain new business using Snapblooms.com floral delivery orders and other in-built automated marketing features.

A florist’s point of sale software is a vital piece of technology that every flower shop should have. Avoiding the five pitfalls above when choosing the system can set you on a path to business success. Hana Software’s florist POS provides you with a complete set of tools and technology to help you run your shop more efficiently.

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