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11 Amazing Flower Facts about Flowers

Flowers are one of the most important parts of a plant. Flowers are the basic reproductive parts of a plant. Flowers bring a sense of happiness and positivity into the atmosphere. Flowers are one of the best ways to express our emotions. Flowers are an excellent choice for gifts as well as for decoration purposes. Flowers are loved by every individual and they could be an excellent gift for any happy occasion. Flowers with bright colors and attractive fragrances are an excellent choice for any happy occasion. 

So we present some of the most amazing facts about flowers.

1. Plants reproduce or pollinate through flowers-

Flowers are the primary reproductive organs of the plants. When an insect or small bird sits on the flowers to suck nectar from them. The sticky pollen of the flowers gets stuck to them and travels with them. Again when the bird or insect sits on any other flower the pollination is completed. There is a process known as cross-pollination in which the pollen of different flowers gets mixed. The flowers are known as sexual or reproductive or organs of a plant. The pollination is done movement of pollen of flowers is transferred to the pistil of another flower.

2. The world’s largest flower is 10 feet tall- 

The world’s largest flower is known as Titan Arum. It weighs around 24 pounds and is more than 10 feet in height. It has a very bad fragrance similar to that of rotting flesh. The flower is also known as a corpse flower because of its rotten smell. The plant is only found in some distinctive regions of the Amazon in Northern America.

3. The smallest flowers in the world are as small as a grain of rice- 

The smallest flower in the world is known as Wolffia globosa. It grows in a small hole in the surface of the plant. It is also known as the watermeal flower because the plants grow in water or swampy regions. This plant is also native to Latin American regions.

4. 60% of the total flowers of the USA is grown in California

The USA being one of the largest countries in the world has more than half of its flower grown from a single state. It is also a shocking fact that California has one of the largest varieties of gardens in the world. Almost every kind of flower can be found in California.

5. The heads of the sunflower move with the sun

The sunflower is one of the brightest flowers in the world. As the name goes Sunflower, has a very unique trait. The heads of the sunflowers move across the days with the movement of the sun. As the sun sets the heads of the sunflowers to face downwards.

6. There is a certain flower that only grows in the night

Some certain flowers such as the devil’s trumpet grow only during the night and face down during the day. These are some of the most beautiful flower trivia as they have very different textures than regular flowers.

7. Bamboos are a flowering plant

The flowers of a bamboo plant only grow once in a few years. It is a very rare phenomenon. Usually the bamboo tree is cut before its flower completely grows.

8. Lilies are highly toxic for cats

 Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers you would ever see. It is loved by every individual. However, it is highly toxic to cats and could even make them dizzy and ill if they come near a lily flower.

9. The scent of roses comes from its petals

Roses have microscopic perfume glands on its petals that releases a very attractive perfume. These perfumes along with the gorgeous textures makes roses very attractive.

10. The chocolate flower

There is a variety of flower known as the chocolate cosmos. It is found in Northern European regions. This flower smells and tastes exactly like chocolate. However, it is not advised to consume this flower.

11. World’s most expensive flower- 

The world’s most expensive flower is Shenzhen Nongke Orchid. It only blooms once in 8 years. It was soch for 200 thousand dollars in an open action. This flower can also be artificially developed, but it takes around 4-5 years.

Here are some of the fun facts about flowers that will surely help you to get more knowledge about flowers. Contact us regarding your online florist shop business in USA.

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