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Are You Missing This One Important Tool of the Trade for Your Flower Shop?

Any florist will tell you having the right tools of the trade make the job easier, however, not every tool that you need is handheld. The fact is, one of the most important tools for your flower business is the right florist point of sale software.

Every small business faces tremendous challenges, any tool that makes those challenges easier to navigate is an important tool. Florist point of sale software is designed to support your business and make managing the details easier.

The Devil Is In the Details

State of the art technology that is easy to use ensures you do not miss any of the details. It helps you to stay focused on the tasks at hand without having to worry about mundane things like inventory control.

It can get hectic when you are splitting yourself in different directions. Unfortunately, when things get busy, critical details are overlooked. A flower shop POS system brings value to the table that is hard to ignore, including reducing the need to juggle different tasks.

What Can Flower Shop POS Systems Do For You?

One of the top things that flower shop owners have to contend with is waste. With a well-designed florist point of a sale software system, you can reign in the waste by relying on virtual reports. Having at-a-glance reports to help you make buying decisions will streamline your business decisions in the future.

Many new florists make the mistake of over-ordering to be prepared, or under-ordering. A florist point of sale software system makes it easy to chart sales so you can avoid this common mistake. About 50% of all floral sales occur during “non-holiday” seasons. Keeping your inventory well-stocked without going overboard to prepare for every season is a lot easier when you tap into this powerful technology.

Of course, tracking inventory, and sales is vital to your business but there are other added-value features that can help you to better manage your business like:

  • Easy Quick Books integration
  • Easy to use proposal module
  • Email integration, mobile app, house accounts management, and much more

A complete suite of support software in one easy-to-use florist point of sale software system is vital. Combined with the best flower shop websites, this is sure to put the power right where you need it. If you have all the tools of the trade to support your business but are not tapping into the available technology, you only have half the tools you need to build a successful business.

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