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Benefits Of Enabling Store Pickup And Scheduling Delivery Slots For Florists

Running a flower ecommerce website? Then you must consider enabling the store pickup and scheduled delivery options on your online flower store. These features offer a handful of benefits that are super helpful for your business.

Why enable store pickup for your flower ecommerce website?

There are several benefits of enabling the store pick up option when you’re running a flower ecommerce website, such as:

  1. Offering doorstep delivery is convenient for customers, but as an entrepreneur, you have to either charge a shipping fee from them, or bear the expense yourself. The extra shipping charge might sometimes put customers off and they might leave without making a purchase. When you enable store pick-up, you don’t have to worry about the delivery. This means you not only save the shipping cost, but also the hassle and the work behind arranging deliveries for the orders.
  2. The store pickup option is also convenient for the customers as well. Delicate things like flowers can’t just be left on the porch. It requires someone to accept the delivery. But if the delivery attempt is made at a time when nobody is around to accept the order, it will lead to unwelcome situations. Enabling store pick up will allow the customers to pick up the orders at a time convenient for them. This will definitely make things easier for a bunch of customers.
  3. Another great advantage of enabling store pick up is that it allows customers to shop on short notice. There are many online florists who offer same day delivery options, but there is generally a cut off time for the same, and if you miss it, you can’t get it delivered the same day. But with store pick up, you can still place your order on short notice and just pick it up from the store.
  4. This option is especially helpful during festivals and special occasions when people tend to buy more flowers. Customers generally have to place their order in advance to get the delivery on these special days. But with store pick up, no need to order days in advance.

Why enable scheduled delivery for your online flower shop?

  1. Enabling scheduled delivery will help you manage your inventory better. When you know which items you are going to need for delivery on a particular day, you can be better prepared and stock up your inventory accordingly. Also, if you don’t have a particular item with you at the time when the customer is placing your order, you get the time to arrange for it when the delivery is due.
  2. A scheduled delivery will also be very convenient for the customers. They can place an order based on their requirements, availability, etc. and receive an assured delivery of the products. This will also mean that they are receiving the freshest and the best quality flowers, thanks to placing the order in advance!

Hana Florist POS system is a wholesome pos solution for your floral website that offers you both these services. With a florist POS system like Hana, you can not only enable store pick up and scheduled delivery, but also enjoy a bunch of advanced features. This includes optimized checkout, better inventory management, creating marketing campaigns and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Try now!

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