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Benefits Of Florist POS Solution For Florists

Making a retail flower shop bloom is becoming increasingly difficult with a surge in online commerce. Customers now prefer buying flowers online from the comfort of their couch.

As florists devote most of their time creating unique floral arrangements, they don’t get enough time to see through the marketing side of their business. The Hana florist POS system takes care of the business with full inventory control, customized marketing, seamless checkout, and improved customer management with a few clicks.

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Advantages Of Florist POS Solution for Florists

1. No Pen and Paper Ordering Process

If florists use the traditional order receiving process, they have to jot down the customer’s name, payment details, delivery address, and the type of flowers/bouquet ordered on a notepad. Later, an invoice is created. This process is very time-consuming.

A florist POS system eliminates this repetitive task. If an existing customer calls you, you don’t have to write down their details again. Only verification is needed. The invoice is generated, and payment is completed with a few clicks.  This method takes less than half the time as the manual process. 

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2. Single Dashboard to Manage Online and Retail Orders

It is hard to manage orders and inventory from the retail store and online store differently. For example, if inventory and orders aren’t in sync for both the stores, it might not be possible to meet the accepted retail orders due to high online sales.

A florist software manages both types of orders from the same dashboard and updates the inventory accordingly. In addition, it eliminates any such instances. 

3. Analyses Sale Activities

POS software stores data and generates end-of-day/week/month/year reports. These reports and data analysis help the florists understand the reason behind sales impact and traffic. It also shows which flowers have a high demand at what time. Thus, it helps them make informed and responsible decisions, which reduces costs and drives up profits. 

4. Maximize Sales with Automated Marketing

Floral point of sales systems stores all the required customer details – demographic, purchase history, frequency of purchase – a few among them. Florists can run an automated marketing campaign using this information.  In this case, unique emails/messages are sent to the customers according to their needs.

It results in sales maximization and enhances the loyalty of the customers. 

5. Provides Better Customer Service

The regular customers may find it tedious to repeat their information again and again. The POS solution provides all the available information at hand and speeds up the ordering process.

The florist POS prints the enclosure cards, meaning there won’t be spelling mistakes. An automated email or message will be sent to the customers when the order is delivered to the intended recipients. POS provides an enhanced customer experience through error-free messages, quicker service, and order delivery status. It also boosts customer retention.

Embracing the POS system is a crucial milestone in the flower shops business. It helps the florists to lay a cornerstone of success. Hana POS florist will help the floral shop open the window to the world with E-commerce integration with easy stock and order management.  Moreover, florists can easily manage both the online store and the retail store. So, they should get POS software to boost their business.

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