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Benefits Of Mobile POS Software For Floral Shop

Most retailer florists are familiar with traditional cash registers – big bulky machines typically confined to a counter at the front of the store. But with time, advances in devices like tablets and smartphones have enabled the creation of fully-featured POS systems that are mobile. Instead of being tied to one spot, associates can take payments and complete sales virtually anywhere using only a tablet or phone.

Going mobile with your floral POS system unlocks many advantages over stationary cash registers. It gives your employees greater flexibility to engage with customers throughout the flower shopping process. Mobile checkouts also speed things up so lines do not get long. Perhaps best of all, the analytics and reporting in mobile POS apps provide valuable business insights you can use to improve.

We will go over a few of the main benefits flower shops get from using mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems instead of desktop-based POS systems or conventional cash registers.

Convenient and Flexible Payments Anywhere in the Store

One of the best things about mobile POS software for florists is that it allows you to take payments anywhere in your store. With a traditional cash register, customers have to come to the register to pay. But with mobile POS, your employees can complete transactions wherever needed.

This is very convenient if you have a large flower selection area or coolers where customers pick out arrangements. Employees can help customers right in those areas and ring them up before they leave instead of making them go to the front of the store.

Mobile POS is also helpful during events when you have pop-up flower shops. Rather than dealing with long lines at a single register, employees can quickly check people out all around the event space. Customers are less likely to get frustrated waiting if they can check out in multiple places.

Easy to Use Anywhere Inside or Outside the Store

In addition to allowing payments anywhere in your store, mobile POS gives you the ability to complete sales when you are away from your shop. This could include taking customer orders at a farmers market booth, wedding show, or other off-site events where you promote your business.

As long as your employees have an internet connection, they can use their mobile devices to quickly ring up purchases. Customers don’t have to wait to pay until they get back to the store. Mobile POS software also synchronizes in real-time, so any sales made outside the shop will appear right away in your main point-of-sale system for inventory tracking and reporting.

Better Customer Service and Sales Opportunities

Having mobile and flexible payments creates a better shopping experience for your customers. It allows employees to focus fully on assisting customers rather than making them wait in line. Customers appreciate the convenience of not having to interrupt their shopping just to pay.

Implementing a mobile POS system will also likely increase your sales numbers. Employees can complete transactions anywhere, so they have more chances to upsell extra items or services to customers before they leave the store. Rather than just directing customers to the checkout at the end of their shopping, employees can continue assisting and offering additional products during the payment process too.

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Speeds Up Checkout Lines and Reduces Wait Times

One issue many retailers struggle with, especially during peak shopping periods, is long checkout lines that discourage customers. Mobile POS solves this problem by allowing multiple employees throughout the store to accept payments simultaneously rather than just one person at a single register.

Customers will be much less likely to leave your store without making a purchase if they do not have to wait very long to pay. Speeding up the checkout process is great for customer service and your sales numbers. Long lines negatively impact the shopping experience, but mobile POS ensures quicker payment options no matter how busy your shop gets.

Useful Inventory Tracking and Reporting Tools

In addition to the functionality for processing sales, mobile POS software usually includes powerful backend tools for tracking inventory, sales reporting, and other business metrics. Being able to view real-time sales data, inventory levels, best-selling items, and other analytics from any internet-connected device is extremely useful for floral shop owners and managers.

You can keep close tabs on your business whether you are in the store or on the go. Mobile POS takes the analysis and tracking features of traditional point-of-sale systems and makes them accessible from virtually anywhere. The right software also seamlessly syncs all transaction and inventory data across all devices.

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Works with Delivery and Online Order Fulfillment

Most flower shop customers want the option for delivery, especially for important occasions like weddings or funerals. Mobile POS helps your delivery drivers or fulfillment staff efficiently complete customer orders when they are away from the main store location. For suppose Hana Retail has a dedicated mobile delivery app that helps both the florist and the customer.

Being able to accept payments, mark items as fulfilled, and sync updated inventory data in real time allows for seamless order fulfillment whether out on delivery routes or pulling products to complete web orders. Customers get timely communication about order status, and your staff has all the needed order information right on their mobile devices for a smooth process.

Low Cost and Easy to Use

While the initial investment may seem daunting, mobile POS has relatively low overall costs compared to traditional registers and dedicated POS computers. You avoid expensive hardware since employees just use devices you likely already provide like tablets or smartphones. There are also no costly infrastructure requirements for cash drawers, specialty cash register equipment, or extra Point-of-Sale terminals.

Setup and training for mobile POS is also very straightforward. Most systems use intuitive interfaces similar to apps employees already know how to use. Ongoing support is available if issues ever arise, but generally, it is a simple and low-maintenance system. Factoring in all the increased capabilities, compatibility with online sales channels, and benefits to your business processes – mobile POS is quite affordable for floral shops compared to alternatives once all costs are compared.

As a solution created specifically for flower shops, Hana offers intuitive mobile and cloud POS software for florist alongside inventory management, delivery/order functionality, and built-in accounting integrations. Feedback from users shows that florists are experiencing faster transactions, smarter merchandising, and increased revenues after implementing the software. Contact us today to know more!

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