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Best Ecommerce solutions for florists to sell flowers online

Setting up a florist ecommerce business is not difficult at all today. However, running your business successfully and experiencing real results is a different game altogether. Thankfully, florist POS solutions are here to save the day. From helping you in creating your florist ecommerce website to launching diital marketing campaigns, and looking after the daily operation of your business- a POS system takes care of all of it.

And they can solve the most critical problems in the florist ecommerce business easily and effortlessly.

The Challenges of Ecommerce Business

Operating online, a florist business can face many a challenges from various directions, be it in forms of competition, not gaining enough traffic, not converting leads, problems in the operational system, and more. But like every lock has a key, every problem of an ecommerce business has got a solution. Keep reading to know more.

1. Fierce competition

Problem: The competition in the e-commerce sector is extremely high today, irrespective of your industry. Naturally, the flower industry is no different. There are so many florist ecommerce websites already available in the market. In order to make your mark and win customers, your website should be on-point and your Florist SEO should be impeccable. 

Solution: A market research around your competitors will offer you an edge. Use an analytics service to find out about what your competitors are doing, what new products they are launching, how are they pricing their products and services, their target customers, marketing policies and more. Now, use them to your advantage. Use these data as benchmark and build your florist ecommerce website to outrun or at least match them.

Hana Florist POS solutions covers this in the florist industry. It will do the job for you and present you with all the data so that you can move on to the next level.

2. Targeting the ideal customers

Problem: One of the biggest challenges of the ecommerce business is identifying the perfect customers so that we can create appropriate digital marketing strategies to target them. For example, your ideal customers can be young or old, living in big cities or small towns, male or female, or all of them at once. Based on the type of products and services that you’re selling, identifying the groups of customers that will give you the highest amount of business is a tricky task. Without identifying the target audience, you won’t be able to leverage any florist SEO endeavors or other digital marketing tactics.

Solution: Hana Florist POS solution comes with digital marketing support which will not only correctly identify your ideal customers but also create highly-targeted marketing campaigns for your florist ecommerce website. 

3. Challenges related to customer experience

Problem: For a floral business, it’s pretty difficult to operate virtually. In a physical shop, customers can see, smell, and touch the flowers themselves and decide what they want. Besides, there’s no waiting time, they can just pick and go. Whereas, in case of online shopping, they’ll have to wait for the shipment to arrive. Plus, there are always chances of goof-ups happening, i.e. receiving the wrong order or your product getting misplaced. There are many other customer experience-related problems that might occur in your online florist business.

Solution: A Florist POS solution like Hana POS can take care of all these problems. High-quality images combined with thorough product descriptions will give customers a vivid idea about the products without having to physically experience them. And with automated assigning of delivery, keeping track of your orders, and other features, the chances of goof-ups too are next to none.

4. Converting visitors into customers

Problem: Another challenge for your florist ecommerce business is to convert your visitors into paying customers. One of the primary functions of florist SEO is to see to that. And for that you’ll need a solid SEO strategy. You might be receiving a lot of traffic on your website, but if they don’t convert, chances are that you’re not targeting the right audience, or not providing what they are looking for.

Solution: Review your SEO efforts and re-examine who your target audience groups are. Make use of the analytics services that come with your florist pos solution and offer products and services better suitable for your target audience.

5. Retaining old customers

Problem: In your ecommerce venture, your two primary targets are:

  1. Winning new clients
  2. Retaining old ones.

Studies show that onboarding a new client might cost you 5x more than retaining a previous one. Further, when you’re trying to sell a product, there is only 5-10 percent of success chance in case of a new customer, compared to up to 70 percent for an old one.

If you’re failing to retain customers, it’s time to rethink your business plans.

Solution: The reason why you’re failing to retain customers might be because of the customer service that you’re offering. Work towards building a more efficient customer service team who can solve your customer’s problems in a better way. Also, offering loyalty points, special deals and discounts for returning customers is also a great way to inspire loyalty. All of them are parts of your business and marketing strategy that you need to use effectively.

Hana Florist POS systems- a compact solution for online florists

So, you can see that having a POS system for your florist business will not only solve all the problems faced by your florist ecommerce website and your online business in general, but also be helpful in your day-to-day operations. The analytics tools and the digital marketing supports coming with the POS system will help you formulate strategies and increase your revenue manifolds.

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