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Best Wedding Flowers for Every Month of the Year

Regardless of when you’re tying the knot, you can have the best wedding flowers for every season. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best flowers for weddings available every month of the year. So, if you are planning to wed anytime soon, bookmark this post and thank us later!


Baby’s Breath

These tiny flowers are available almost throughout the year. But they are highly in demand during January weddings. They are popular as filler flowers but can also be carried in a bride’s bouquet.


These breathtakingly beautiful flowers can add be the show stopper at your wedding. Available in stunning shades of red, white, salmon, pink, apricot, rose, and deep burgundy, Amaryllis symbolizes pride, determination, and strength. 



Needless to say, orchids are a popular choice for the bride’s bouquet. They are long-lasting, charming and they look exotic in arrangements. 


Symbolizing best wishes, waxflowers are amazing for weddings. They are available in white and pale pink colors and can be used for the bride’s bouquet or centerpieces. These flowers also carry a citrusy lemony aroma often used for making essential oils.



One of the most popular wedding flowers, Ranunculus is primarily used for boutonnieres and corsages. These delicate, multi-petaled blooms look charming in simple arrangements. 


These blooms are perfect for classic weddings. Available in different colors – white, yellow, pink, etc., tulips symbolize a deep and perfect love. 


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the best fit for April garden weddings. It is a spring bloom that symbolizes absolute purity, and sincerity.

Sweet Pea

These pretty blooms not only make weddings prettier but also makes spaces smell great. They spread a sweet intoxicating scent that makes them a great choice for weddings. 

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Often used for making nosegay arrangements and also the bride’s bouquet, these flowers are popular at weddings. Hydrangea of different shades (white, blue, lavender, purple, violet) is used as centerpieces as well. 


For anyone who wants a pop of bold purple or violet tones, lilac is the best wedding flower for them. Amidst the white and other pastel shades, these little blooms can quickly grab attention.



These fragrant and delicate flowers look awesome in arrangements and boutonnieres. They look elegant and are perfect for romantic celebrations.


Also known as Delphinium, Larkspurs are widely used as ceremony aisle flowers in June weddings. 


Calla Lily

These sleek, long-stemmed flowers are often used for boutonnieres. But glamorous brides also carry burgundy or deep red calla lilies in their wedding bouquets. They look stunning. 


Available in several colors, gerberas can be used for decorations as well as wedding bouquets. They look perfect wherever placed. 

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These charming and petite blooms can become the center of attraction at any wedding. They are daisy-like with long, slender, stems.


You can get zinnias in multiple colors. Choose colors that match your wedding theme and use them for decorations.



These magnificent flowers can match any wedding aesthetic. Be it rustic or vintage, you can always have dahlias in your wedding bouquet.


These blooms are generally available throughout the year. But they are mostly used in September weddings. They add a charm to any arrangement, especially with roses and ranunculus.



For the rustic aesthetic wedding, Amaranthus is a must. The only wedding flower that hangs down, they are used to make the most stunning flower arrangements. 


These multi-petaled blooms can be used for October wedding decorations. They are available in various shades and are a budget-friendly counterpart to dahlias.



These flowers look similar to the cosmos. They add a nice texture and a pop of colors to fall wedding bouquets.


A good option for November weddings, you can use these beautiful blooms for large-scale arrangements and decorations. 



Though roses are available throughout the year, they are used for late-fall and winter weddings, when naturally blooming flowers have low availability. They are available in different colors and are perfect for traditional weddings.


These pretty blooms make a great choice for December weddings. They are available in pink, white, and red colors and look great in flower arrangements. 


Planning wedding decorations can be a tough call. Here, florist wedding software can help you plan your wedding decorations precisely. So, contact wedding flower shops that own floral software for wedding florists. It will reduce the risk of errors in wedding plans and execution.

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