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18 Useful Christmas Marketing Ideas for Florists

The Christmas season is the busiest time of year for florists. With all the parties, events, and gift-giving that happen over the holidays, flowers are more in demand than ever. As a florist, you want to make the most of this busy sales period. The right marketing and promotion strategies can help drive foot traffic, boost awareness, and increase sales. Here are 18 effective Christmas marketing ideas to try for your floral business, both online and offline.

1. Create Festive Facebook and Instagram Ads

During the holidays, Facebook and Instagram advertising can be highly effective for florists. Create ads that showcase your Christmas floral designs and arrangements. Use eye-catching images of wreaths, poinsettias, Christmas trees decorated with flowers, etc. Write engaging copy that encourages people to order holiday arrangements and bouquets from your shop.

Target your ads locally and make sure they’re optimized for conversions. Add a strong call-to-action that directs people to your online shop or encourages them to call or visit your store. Festive social media ads can help drive traffic and boost holiday sales.

2. Send Holiday Promotional Emails

Around Thanksgiving and throughout December, send promotional emails to your customer email list. Offer holiday specials like discounts on Christmas arrangements, free delivery on orders over a certain amount, bundled deals on poinsettias and wreaths, etc.

Emails are a great way to inform customers of holiday offers and new Christmas-themed floral designs. Just make sure your emails have catchy subject lines and highlight the promotions and offerings clearly. Well-timed holiday emails can nudge customers to order flowers from you for Christmas events and decorating.

3. Post-Christmas Flower Care Tips

Many people receive poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cacti, and other holiday plants as gifts. Post tips on Facebook and Instagram for how to care for and extend the life of Christmas flowers. Share advice for watering, sunlight requirements, proper soil, what to do when flowers fade, etc.

This type of useful, informational content will be appreciated by those who receive floral gifts. When they need to purchase arrangements in the future, they’ll remember your shop as a helpful expert source and potentially order from you.

4. Create a Festive Christmas Website Banner

Make your website reflect the holiday season by uploading a festive Christmas banner image. It can be a photo of a beautiful Christmas floral arrangement or a wreath decorated with pinecones and glittery ornaments. This makes your site feel more celebratory and seasonal. Just remember to swap the banner image out after the holidays end!

5. Offer Free Christmas Delivery Promotion

To attract new customers and incentivize larger purchases around the holidays, offer a free Christmas delivery promotion. For example, you could offer free delivery on any purchase over $50 if the order is placed by December 20th.

Promotions like this can ease the expensive and stressful burden of gifts and holiday prep for your customers. For your shop, it can help boost sales of higher-priced items and arrangements leading up to the 25th.

6. Partner With Local Holiday Events

Reach out to organizers of local Christmas events in your community like tree lighting ceremonies, parades, craft fairs, etc. Offer to provide the floral decorations in exchange for promotion at the event. You can have signage up at the event with your shop’s name and information.

Getting your business name and flowers in front of attendees gets your brand exposure to many potential new customers. It associates your shop with the community holiday spirit. Following up with event organizers to offer floral discounts after the event can then lead to holiday arrangement sales.

7. Join Online Florist Marketplaces

Joining an online floral marketplace like SnapBlooms and others can expand your reach. People across the country use these marketplaces to order flower arrangements for delivery.

Setting up a florist profile on one or more of these sites makes it possible for anyone searching for Christmas flowers to find and order from your shop. It exposes you to huge pools of potential new customers, beyond just your local area.

8. Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Developing a gift guide can take the guesswork out of holiday shopping for customers. On your website or in social media posts, suggest beautiful floral gifts for different types of Christmas recipients. For example:

  • For parents – Poinsettia plants, grand holiday centerpieces
  • For significant others – Rose bouquets, flower boxes with assorted blooms
  • For friends – Succulents, dried flower wreaths
  • For teachers – Holiday baskets with sweets + flowers
  • For hosts – Wreaths, Christmas table decor

Include photos and help match gifts to different personalities and relationships. This makes ordering flowers a simpler process during the hectic holidays.

9. Develop Christmas Arrangement Packages

Create special packaged deals on popular Christmas floral arrangements and plants. For instance, offer a ‘Christmas Cheer’ package that includes a poinsettia, pinecone wreath, and Christmas cactus for $50. Or create a ‘Holiday Elegance’ package with an elegant centerpiece, candles, and Christmas greenery for $75.

Having these set packages makes gift shopping easier than piecing together individual items. It provides incentives with built-in savings compared to buying each item separately.

10. Live Stream Holiday Flower Arrangement Tutorials

Go live on Facebook or Instagram around the holidays to share video tutorials on how to make Christmas flower arrangements and wreaths. Walk viewers through the process in real-time.

Answering questions during the live stream helps build engagement. Saved videos can continue generating views and interest after you’ve gone live. It’s both educational content for social media followers and promotion for your floral design skills.

11. Create a Holiday Gift Wrapping Add-On Option

For busy customers short on time, offer gift-wrapping add-ons for all flower orders. They can choose basic wrapping for an affordable price, or upgraded wrapping with bows, custom enclosures, and other special touches for an additional fee.

Promote this option on your website, social posts, and in holiday promo emails. Taking gift wrapping off the to-do list makes flower gifts even more appealing. Uniquely wrapped bouquets and arrangements also help promote your brand when recipients share photos.

12. Develop DIY Holiday Flower Kits

Design DIY flower arrangement kits customers can order for holiday centerpieces and decor. Provide materials like vases, blooms, accents, and an instruction guide to easily create these floral designs at home.

These kits are fun gifts and activities for the DIY crowd. Promote them on Pinterest and Instagram, where DIY content thrives. The instruction guide can include tips for driving traffic to your shop.

13. Sponsor a Local Holiday Flower Show

Sponsoring a local holiday flower show or winter garden exhibit provides community exposure. In exchange for contributing to the show’s floral displays, you can promote your shop throughout the event.

Work with event organizers on the details like sponsorship perks, signage, handing out shop discount flyers to attendees, etc. There are often volunteer opportunities at these events too.

14. Offer Loyalty Perks and Giveaways

Reward loyal customers for frequently shopping with your business. Offer special holiday perks through your loyalty program like members-only coupons, free flower add-ons, entries into gift basket raffles, and other giveaways.

Sending loyal patrons surprise gifts with purchases around the holidays along with personalized notes thanking them for their business makes them feel valued.

15. Develop Holiday Social Media Filters

Increase brand visibility during the holidays by creating custom flower filters for Instagram and Facebook Stories and Snapchat.

Examples could include a filter with falling poinsettia petals, one with a Christmas tree decorated in blooms, an angel wings filter ringed in wreaths.

Get lots of eyes on your brand by making filters festive, fun, and seasonally engaging.

16. Share Customer Holiday Flower Photos

Ask customers who purchase holiday floral designs if they can take pictures of the arrangements in their homes and events. Offer them a discount toward future purchases in exchange.

Sharing these real customer photos on your social channels makes that holiday content shine even more. It offers styling and display inspiration for other shoppers too.

17. Promote Christmas Pre-Orders and Subscriptions

Generate early holiday sales by promoting pre-orders on your site for wreaths, centerpieces, and arrangements well in advance of Christmas week.

Offer modest discounts for early pre-orders placed on certain dates. This lets you prepare and gain revenue earlier in the season.

You can also promote subscription boxes where customers get regular holiday flower deliveries leading up to Christmas.

18. Develop a Holiday Flower of the Week Series

Create an ongoing social media and email series that highlights a Flower of the Week. Choose flowers that evoke the holidays like poinsettias, roses, carnations, lilies, etc.

For each, share fun facts, best uses, and holiday styling tips. These quick spotlight posts keep holiday inspiration and floral beauty top of mind week over week.

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