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How to create Instagram Posts on Canva for your Florist Business?

Whether it is for your florist website or a flowers Instagram post, an attention-grabbing graphic is a must. Even when you are writing florist SEO blogs for your website, you need captivating graphics to keep your readers hooked. 

This is where you need the Canva software to design awesome flower graphics. This blog will give you details about Canva and how you can use it to create floral graphic designs. Using Canva, you can create visuals that make a huge difference in the Likes and Followers you gain on Instagram.

What is Canva?



Canva is a graphic designing software. It allows you to create beautiful graphics for your social media posts in no time. Plus, you can use the Canva software for creating cards, posters, presentations, and so much more. 

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Graphic Instagram Post Using Canva

When you are trying to promote your florist business on Instagram, Canva is your best friend. For florists, Canva is the tool that makes your stories look and feel amazing. So, let’s know the process of creating your floral Instagram posts or floral website templates using the Canva software. 

Creating Instagram Posts Using Canva

Canva step guide for Instagram Florist post

Canva Step guide for Instagram Florist post

To come up with enticing graphics for your Instagram post is quite a job. However, the florist Canva tool just made it easier. 

  • First off, open an account with Canva and log in (preferably from your desktop)
  • Find the ‘templates’ tab on the top left of the Canva page
  • Choose ‘Instagram’ under the ‘Social Media’ section
  • Then go for a layout that you like. Click on ‘edit this template’.
  • On the top right of the page, you can find the renaming section. You can rename your file there.
  • Next, fill in the content. You can add your branding, message, or whatever you want to communicate with your target audience. 
  • Further, if you like going off-beat, replace the colors on the template. While this could be tricky for non-designers, you can experiment with the Canva Color Palettes. Choose the colors that represent your brand well plus, keep the post clean and easy-to-read.
  • You can also drop images or graphics like floral inspirations, adjust font and font size to make your posts look perfect.
  • Lastly, download and share!

Note: You can also use these Canva floral design graphics for your florist SEO blogs

Creating Instagram Stories Using Canva

Instagram stories are trending now more than ever. With the Canva software, it is easy to create stories every day. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Log in to Canva and search ‘Instagram Story templates’
  • Choose a template and start with the customization. If you don’t like the templates (very rare though!), you can also start from scratch.
  • Add your flower graphic or search Canva’s Image library that has millions of illustrations and images.
  • Place your image and adjust the colors to match your florist brand aesthetic
  • You can also add or edit other elements in the graphic like frames, lines, shapes, texts, etc.
  • Happy with the design? If yes, then download and share!

Why use Canva?

Canva is like a blessing to businesses. Especially, if you have a florist business, Canva is your go-to place. Here are five reasons why you must use Canva.

  • Canva has a Free Version!

Canva offers a free version that too without any time limit. You can create, download, and post your images without spending a penny.

  • Awesome Features

Millions of images, stickers, templates, and animations are available with Canva. Choose the perfect option and make your post or florist website templates stand out. 

  • Super-Easy Editing

With CanvaPro, you can easily edit the graphics. Whether you want to change the font style, color, or resize the font, Canva makes it possible. Though the Canva software has the most social media platform image sizes, you can also customize the dimensions. 

  • Helps in Staying Organized

Canva lets you keep your social media posts in one place, perfectly organized. So, even if you are running different campaigns, you can create a folder for each one and store the graphics. This way you can find the graphics easily.

  • Offers Brand Kit

When you create frequent posts for your florist brand, sticking to the brand color scheme is preferred for instant recognition. The CanvaPro version allows you to create a brand kit. Here, you can store your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo – all in one place. The brand kit makes your life way easier!

Using Canva for creating all your social media posts and graphics for blogs or your Florist website will definitely improve the overall appearance of your websites and social media channels. It’s so easy, fun, and mostly free!

Try Canva now!

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