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A Beginner’s Guide to Designer’s Choice Flowers

Flower decoration and floral gifts are loved by everyone. As an online florist, adding the Designer’s Choice flower arrangements in your product catalogue can offer a bunch of benefits. Keep reading to know more.

What is a Designer’s Choice flower bouquet?

A Designer’s Choice flower bouquet is a flower arrangement that comes as unique and different every time someone orders it. In the website, a Designer’s Choice bouquet is listed with only a general and overall description without any minute details.

Benefits of including the Designer’s Choice bouquet in your product catalogue

There are nice benefits of offering and choosing the Designer’s Choice bouquet for both the seller and the customer. 

Since the Designer’s Choice bouquet only includes a general description of the bouquet, while designing one, the florist can take artistic freedom and create beautiful and unique designs. Plus, they can include a bunch of flowers that are currently in stock without needing to source some particular flower when it is out of stock. This leads to better inventory management.

For the customers too, it is a beneficial experience. Generally, Designer’s Choice bouquets are priced at a discounted rate to encourage customers to choose them. So, a flower lover can get a beautiful bouquet at a much affordable price than when he orders from the product catalogue. Moreover, whenever someone orders a Designer’s Choice bouquet, they receive unique and one of a kind designs every time. They can find themselves to be pleasantly surprised by the size and design of an artisan flower arrangement at a much cheaper price. Things you should know before adding the Deginner’s Choice flower bouquet to your product list:

Top 5 Deginner’s Choice Flower Bouquet Option for Florist Website:

As a florist, you should follow a few things when you add the Designer’s Choice bouquet option on your website. 

  1. When listing out Designer’s Choice flower arrangements, offer them a few options based on a few general information. Add options like Wrapped Flowers (without vase) or Flower Arrangements with vase, Compact Size or Massive Size, etc.
  2. Categorize the Designer’s Choice bouquets in options like Spring flower bouquet, Fall flower bouquet, Red flower arrangements, White flower arrangements, Birthday Special, Romantic flowers, etc.
  3. Always keep the price of these Designer’s Choice bouquets a little bit lower than the other products of the same size or quality. This will inspire the customers to go for this option as they’ll feel they are getting a better deal by choosing this option.
  4. When promoting your Designer’s Choice bouquets, focus on the creative and artistic appeal of the bouquet. Let the customers know that these bouquets are made by expert florists in the most creative way. You should also focus on the fact that the customer will get unique and different flower arrangements instead of normal, simple flower designs every time they order from this range.
  5. While creating categories of Designer’s Choice bouquets, focus on a single element. For example, introduce a range of products based on the season, i.e. Winter Special Designer’s Choice, or Summer Special etc. Write the product description in an engaging way and add a number of flower arrangement photos in different styles. Let the customers know that you’re adding some unique and exclusive elements in these bouquets that they can’t get by ordering a normal flower bouquet.

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