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Digital Marketing for Florists: 5 Flower Shop Marketing Ideas to Use

With the growing number of floral businesses online, we certainly get to see fierce competition among all the major rivals. But what is it that makes those few florists stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well, the answer is an extraordinary Florist Marketing Plan!

It is highly recommended for all businesses to be aware of the basics of Florist Digital Marketing tactics and decent marketing strategies.

To guide you through the process, we have mentioned below 5 outstanding Florist Marketing Plans that all of you must use in today’s digital era.

 5 florist marketing plans for your online business

1. Social Media Marketing

Flowers are one of the most photogenic things in this world. And it would be safe to say that almost everyone loves and enjoys a bunch of gorgeous blooms popping up on their social media feeds. Moreover, Social Media offers an extensive, Florist SEO-friendly space that will help you in boosting visibility and finding loyal buyers who keep heading back to you on different occasions.

A great florist web design is incomplete if you haven’t linked all your social media accounts to it. The following are four major social media platforms that you can use to enhance your florist business.

a. Facebook

The first and most crucial step of Facebook marketing is creating a business profile on the app where all the flower posts will be going up. You can make the most of this profile by posting about any ongoing sales, announcing special events that you are organizing, and of course, uploading pictures of some elegant flower arrangements. You can also choose to display your reviews on your Facebook profile which will help in building a good first impression. 

To make your Florist marketing plan successful on Facebook, you must keep posting consistently. You should also keep in mind that your posts are not monotonous and feature certain variations as only then people will find your feed interesting.

b. Instagram

Instagram is the best platform for presenting a sort of casual sneak peek of your flower business. It can not only help you in showcasing your gorgeous flower arrangements but also allow you to connect to a wide range of potential buyers from different parts of the country.

Just like Facebook, it is important to be consistent on Instagram with your flower posts to ensure its success. While Instagram is typically a photo-centric social media platform, remember that you don’t post too many similar pictures. Variations in all your Instagram posts are important. You can include pictures of not only the flowers alone but also people carrying different flowers and at different events. Make sure to post all your best and high-quality shots!

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c. Pinterest

Pinterest for florists is a great marketing strategy especially because of their ‘boards’ feature. You can decide on a specific aesthetic of flower arrangements for different events and organize them in distinct boards. 

If aesthetics are your thing, Pinterest for florists is the right marketing plan for you. By looking at your Pinterest feed, potential customers can get a decent understanding of the style and elegance of your floral arrangements.  

d. YouTube

 Executing your Florist Marketing Plan on YouTube can boost your Florist SEO massively! It can increase your visibility to a huge number of people worldwide. 

When people are going to search for flower deliveries online, the first thing that is going to catch their attention is your YouTube video. So make sure that you include an amazing title, description, as well as tags to create a considerable first impression. This would urge people to instantly tap on your video and eventually bring them to your flower business. 

Posting just a brief video clip on YouTube can also work wonders for you! Users seem to truly enjoy these and hence, amazing results are ensured. 

The following are some YouTube ideas you can refer to: 

  1. About your flower business
  2. Instructional videos 
  3. Behind the Scenes (BTS) of your floral arrangements 

2. Email Marketing

Flowers carry great significance in our daily lives but one must never miss out on them especially on special occasions and festivals. Now that’s where Email Marketing comes in. 

The first step of this marketing strategy is capturing a good number of email addresses. To do so, you can provide visitors with the option of signing up for the newsletter on your business website where they will submit their email addresses. 

You must send out regular emails so that your customers stay in constant touch with you and remember to order flowers from you for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. You can also notify them about any new floral additions and ongoing sales through email. Make sure that your emails are attractive and relevant. You must also include the option to unsubscribe as well. 

3. Google Ads

Paid Google Ads are another great Florist Marketing Plan that can be highly effective for your Florist SEO. Targeting plays a crucial role in making the Ads campaign a true success and that’s exactly what Google Ads aims at. Just make sure to be very specific with your keywords as well as your budget. 

 Search Ads, as well as Display Ads, are two of the most significant kinds of Google Ads that you can use for your floral business.

On one hand, search ads will only pop up for those people who are already browsing for flower deliveries online, whereas display ads will appear according to different targeting aspects and are paid placements.

4. Website and Blog

A business website with an amazing florist web design is the foundation of your online floral business. It must include all the information related to your florist business and you should remember to regularly update it.

 Apart from that, you can also reap the benefits of blogging for your floral business. Blogging is another way of acquiring organic clicks and boosting your Florist SEO. You may write about different things about your flower business such as the meaning and symbolism of different flowers, the best flower arrangements for different occasions, and much more!

5. Events

Events have a crucial role to play in word of mouth marketing. If you plan smartly, you can also use them for digital marketing. Catering for different events will help you put yourself out there and also boost your portfolio to a great extent. Pictures and videos from such events will enrich your social media feeds considerably, and attract new customers. Moreover, all the potential customers online will be able to trust you more after seeing your capabilities in the real world.

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