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Top 5 Essential Books For Florists

Are you a budding florist and an avid reader too? Then, we might have some good news for you! Combining books and flowers can be a good idea for florists. Several florist books can help you get tons of valuable information to succeed in the industry.

Here’s a list of 5 books about flowers that are a must-read for newbie florists and seasoned ones as well. 

1. Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers by Erin Benzakein

Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers is one of the best floristry books that most florists often gravitate to. The book offers comprehensive knowledge about buying, styling, and presenting seasonal floral arrangements. The book has detailed sections on design techniques, flower care, and tools that contain the nitty-gritty of arranging garden-fresh arrangements for every occasion. Also, the book gives you access to expert advice from Erin Benzakein who is a flower farmer and floral designer along with a best-selling author. Hence, you can consider this book as a guide to creating floral arrangements. It includes every detail of what you need (from shopping for flowers to harvesting blooms) to make incredible bouquets year long. 

2. Color Me Floral by Kiana Underwood

Creating an innovative fresh flowers bouquet may often seem challenging. But you can easily overcome this challenge if you have the best floral design books like Color Me Floral. The highlight of this book is the focus on techniques to create single-color floral arrangements. The book features attractive images of displays using radiant colors, dramatic textures, and ingredients. You can take inspiration from the images and use similar ones for your florist website. You can also find easy-to-follow tips and suggestions for your floral designs for both beginner and advanced florists. The book contains around 40 how-to methods for creating bouquets. They are organized by season. For instance, a fresh green arrangement for the summer, a warm peach display for autumn, pinks for winter, and so on. 

3. On Flowers by Amy Merrick

For creating unique bouquets, On Flowers can be your guide. Amy Merrick is a rare artist who combines flowers with most ordinary things to create something new. You can, thus, expect the unexpected. Like, a colorful spring arrangement in a paper coffee cup. Or, you can also witness her transforming a bunch of supermarket dahlias into an incredible centerpiece. In short, she uses wild weeds, seedpods, branches, wild blooms and leaves from the city sidewalks, and everything else to create wonderful displays. Find all of these unique creations in her book and get inspired to create similar things. 

4. Flower Color Guide by Darroch Putnam

Flower Color Guide gives you tips on flower care, how-to methods of preparing vessels, and a list of color schemes. The book contains stunning photographs of different flowers and bouquets that make it a perfect book to have or gift to a flower enthusiast. So, if you are a florist exploring flower arrangement designs, Flower Color Guide is for you. Get ideas and inspirations to create dramatic, romantic floral arrangements directly from renowned floral designers. 

5. Vintage Wedding Flowers by Vic Brotherson

Vic Brotherson believes in expressing the character and individuality of a couple through wedding flowers. Her book has amazing ideas and inspirations for everything related to flowers in weddings – from bouquets, and corsages, to buttonholes, garlands table displays, etc. you can find them all. Vintage Wedding Flowers is one of the most elaborate wedding flowers books that includes chapter-wise divisions of the wedding displays. The book is also enriched with beautifully shot photographs along with step-by-step instructions on how you can create timeless wedding floral arrangements with simple blooms.

If you are a budding florist, then you must consider reading these books. Reading books will not only help you become a better florist, but an improved entrepreneur too. Meanwhile, try Hana Florist POS Software to streamline your floral business. Try now!

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