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Father’s Day Preparation For Florists

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and as a florist, you must prepare in advance to leverage the upcoming surge in flower demands. After all, flowers are still the number one most popular gifts for Father’s Day. Here’s a quick guide on how you can take small yet well-planned steps towards preparing your online flower business for the upcoming Father’s Day.

1. Prepare your website for Father’s Day

Website for Florist

Website for Florist

Before you dive into the busy season, you must check the technical specifications on your floral website and ensure it’s up and running. Not only that, there are a few things that you should do in order to attract more audience and make more sales.

1.1. Add a page for Father’s Day products

You should make a page on your website dedicated entirely to Father’s Day. You can add all information related to Father’s Day, announcements about Father’s Day special deals and offers, links to blogs, and new products launched especially for Father’s Day here. When someone visits your website looking for Father’s Day products, it will be very helpful for them to find everything at once.

1.2. Design unique Father’s Day arrangements

It’s also time for you to ask your florists to create a whole new line of Father’s Day special flower arrangements. Use flowers that are more popular during Father’s Day, such as yellow roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lilies, asters, etc. Don’t forget to mention that these are limited-edition products which are exclusively available for father’s day. This will create a sense of urgency in customers and they will opt for these products more often.

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1.3. Bundle Father’s Day gifts

Bundling a few items together and selling them at a reduced price is always a smart way to increase sales. For Father’s Day, you can combine a big bouquet or centerpiece with a smaller bouquet, a fruit or dessert basket, greetings cards, candles, or other cutesy items that you keep in your store, and then offer a juicy discount on their total price. Customers will be happy to get a value-for-money deal.

1.4. Create Father’s Day quote cards

Creating Father’s Day quote cards and displaying them on your website will be beneficial for you. it will make your customers interested, and they will thank you for being helpful in expressing their emotions.

2. Launch special deals and offers

Father's day sale and deal

Father’s day sale and deal

Father’s Day is also the time to launch special deals and discount offers to indulge your customers. Make sure that there’s something for everyone.

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2.1. Loyalty discount for old customers

Offer discounts against loyalty points for your repeating customers. The more they spend on your site, the more points they will get. They can then redeem the points for a flat discount on future purchases.

2.2. Special offer for first-time customers

Lure new customers by offering special discounts for them. Offer a nice 15% or 20% discount for first-time buyers. New customers will surely find it lucrative.

3. Promote your Father’s day products vigorously

Father's day products Marketing

Father’s day products Marketing

Promoting your offerings for Father’s Day in advance is essential for a successful season. After all, no matter how stunning your Father’s Day flower arrangements are or how many discounts you’re offering, if the right Target Audience don’t get to know about them, it’s all meaningless.

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3.1. Partner with local businesses

Partnering with local businesses and promoting services together, or as complementary to one another is a great way to leverage the goodwill of the local business, reach out to the community, and increase your own business.

3.2. Partner with Social Media Influencers

Partnering with social media influencers will help you reach the hundreds and thousands of followers that they have on social media. This will be especially helpful when you are just starting out and don’t have a substantial number of followers of your own.

3.3. Send email reminders

Using email marketing in order to get more customers is a fruitful way of promoting your business. Send in your offers and discount coupons through email. Also remind them about the limited availability of Father’s Day products.

3.4. Run a Father’s Day contest on Social Media

In order to get instant attention of your followers and potential customers, you can run some fun contests and ask them to participate. For example, ask them to upload selfies with their fathers, and the one with the most number of likes will win. You can then offer them a free product or a special discount as a reward.

3.5. Run Google Ads

Running Google Ads is going to be highly effective for your business as it has lots of advantages. You get to reach a wide but highly specific and targeted audience. Pay Per Click ads are budget-friendly too. It is also easy to set up and run your ads whenever you want, and stop them when you feel it’s the time.

4. Offer a variety of delivery options

Father's day flower delivery

Father’s day flower delivery

Introduce various delivery options in order to get more customers interested in purchasing from you.

4.1. Free delivery during occasion

Offering free delivery is a great way to lure them in. this will be especially helpful for those who live far away, as the delivery fee increases with distance. But with free delivery option, even the out-of-towners will also buy from your online shop.

4.2. Same day delivery and scheduled delivery

Offering same-day delivery is another great way to help your customers as well as increase sales. There are many people who forget to place an order until the last minute. This option will be their lifesaver.

The scheduled delivery option too will be immensely helpful as people can place their order anytime they want (in advance), and they will rest assured that the delivery will be made only on their chosen day. So enable all these options on your website.

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5. Create a Father’s Day section at your store

Father’s Day section at your store

Father’s Day section at your store

If you have a physical shop, then dedicate a section or corner of your store for Father’s Day. Feature new designs, decorate with quote cards, place father-child pictures all around, and just go all out in your preparations. Any customers visiting your store for Father’s Day, should find this section amazing and not return empty-handed.

6. Stock up on essentials

Father's day Flowers Stock - Florist shop

Father’s day Flowers Stock

Now that your website is prepared, and your marketing channels are attracting Target Audience, also take care of the most essential part, i.e. inventory management. Talk to your suppliers about the possible increase in orders and see if they are ready to take care of the increased demand. In case your regular supplier is unable to handle it, you can consider dealing with multiple suppliers.

7. Take care of employee management

flower shop employee management

flower shop employee management

Employees are the pillars of your business. Flower designers, front desk workers, tech support managers, customer service representatives, delivery persons, all are equally responsible for a successful Father’s Day event at your floral store. So, compensate for their time and efforts fairly and motivate them to perform their best at these crucial festive times.

8. Competitive product prices

Competitive flower product prices

Competitive flower product prices

Keeping your pricing competitive is also necessary in order to win more customers. If your prices are too high, customers won’t like it. If it’s too low, you’ll end up making a loss. So, research well and decide the prices carefully.

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Having a look into last year’s product pricing can be helpful here. You can get this data from Hana Florist POS system’s analytics feature, and then use it for deciding this year’s pricing after factoring in other measures that affects the pricing of products.


Having a successful business season during special events depends on meticulous planning and hard work. Start preparing for it early on and create a list of all the to-do things. Having a POS system like Hana Florist POS will surely be helpful for you as it automates a lot of tasks, and performs them with zero error. if you are not familiar with a POS system yet, get in touch now and discover how it can transform your florist business. Call now! 

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