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Five Ways A Florist POS System Can Help You Increase Profits

When it comes to floral sales, many folks love to purchase beautiful bouquets, either for themselves or as gifts for special people in their lives. When people go to buy flowers, the quality of the product is as important as the ease of the purchase. All florists who want to operate a successful business should consider how their florist POS system help their customers access their products.

Not only can a florist POS system make all your customers’ purchasing experiences more enjoyable and much easier, but it can also help your business increase its profits. Here’s what you need to know:

Makes Sure You Get Paid

Point of sale (POS) systems are one of the most important tools any business owner can have at their disposal. It makes operations more efficient and keeps track of everything you sell. With a florist POS system, you’ll know what you have, what you sell, and won’t lose money by forgetting something, like you might if you wrote everything down on paper.

Eliminates Theft

No business likes to lose money, but thievery happens all the time. With a florist POS system, you can keep better track of inventory. You can also significantly reduce the chances of anyone stealing money because a POS will enable a cash drawer to be opened only when a sale is made. POS systems also help catch theft or potential theft by displaying your security recordings while it’s overlaid with transaction information. What this means is that you can get a visual view of every transaction made.

Controlling Inventory

Tracking all of your floral inventory is important. You can get a clear picture of what’s selling and what’s not. You can also keep track of shipments and how much product you’ve got on hand. It’s estimated that nearly 45% of all flowers end up dying and are discarded before they ever get sold. A floral POS system can help keep track of processes like these and help save labor costs since you’ll know what to reorder and when to reorder it.

Better Customer Loyalty

Getting repeat business is a great way for your floral business to make money. Some kinds of florist point of sale systems have loyalty programs built in. This allows you to print coupons or attach them to a particular customer account. Having incentives keeps customers coming back often.


For any business that uses a cash register, it can be very common for items to be rung up incorrectly. As an example, if a $50 item is accidentally rung up at $40, then that’s $10 lost on a sale. With a POS system, and specifically a florist POS system for your flower shop, all pricing is pre-determined, so miss-ringing is a thing of the past since every item you carry has a specific price point.

With the latest flower shop POS systems, you can increase productivity, improve accuracy, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your profits.

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