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5 Floral Business Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

For floral shops and designers, an online presence provides an important way to showcase their artwork, products, and services to a widespread audience. However, creating an effective floral business website requires avoiding some common pitfalls that are unfortunately quite frequent, even for floral industry professionals. In this article, we will explore five key flaws to circumvent when building a new website or redesigning an existing one.

1. Not having a clear purpose or focus

One mistake some floral business websites make is that they do not have a clear goal or focus for what the website is trying to accomplish. Is it meant to provide information about the business and its flower products? Is it meant for online orders and sales? Or is it more of an online portfolio to show off floral design work? A floral business website needs to have a single, clear purpose that is evident right from the homepage. Otherwise, visitors will get confused as to what exactly the site is trying to do and they may leave without finding what they are looking for.

It’s important for a floral business website to have a very clear focus on either being an online sales and ordering site, an informational site about the business and its services, or a portfolio site for floral design works. Jumping between purposes or trying to be all things to all people will just muddy the message and user experience. Pick a main goal and design the site to achieve that goal in a simple and direct manner.

2. Having an unattractive or poorly designed layout

The visual design and layout of a floral business website is extremely important since flowers and visual appeal are such a big part of what the business is about. An unattractive, poorly designed, or cluttered website layout can seriously hurt the branding and image of a floral business. Some specific mistakes to avoid include:

  • Walls of text without good visual spacing or formatting
  • Busy or cluttered designs with too many colors, fonts, and images crowded together
  • Low-quality or pixelated images that do not show off flowers and arrangements well
  • Dark dreary color schemes that do not match the vibrancy of flowers
  • Website sections and navigation that are confusingly arranged or hard to find
  • Homepage designs that do not showcase prominent CTAs or features

Taking the time to have a professionally and visually appealing, designed layout that highlights featured products, beautiful imagery, and clear calls to action is crucial for a floral business website. This is key because the visual design alone can either attract or turn away potential customers.

3. Lack of mobile optimization

It’s not a new thing to know that in today’s world, many people access websites using mobile devices like phones and tablets versus desktop computers. However, some smaller floral business websites have not been properly optimized for mobile viewing. This means elements like text become tiny and hard to read, images get stretched out, and navigation drops down in an unusable way. Not having a mobile-optimized design is a big mistake that could cost a floral business a lot of potential customers.

To avoid this mistake, your design should be:

  • Responsive, resizing content for different screen sizes
  • Limiting non-essential page elements on mobile
  • Increasing spacing, padding, and touch targets
  • Optimizing images and limiting image-heavy pages
  • Condensing/simplifying navigation menus
  • Performing speed and load time tests on mobile

Proper mobile optimization ensures the website remains fully functional and usable no matter what device someone views it on. You won’t see it right away but it will eventually expand the audience’s reach.

4. Outdated or lack of new content

Customers like to see that a business website is actively maintained with fresh new content added on a regular basis. If it looks like a floral business has not updated its website in years, it can create doubts about whether the business itself is still actively operating. Some signs of outdated content include:

  • Event pages or gallery listings from years past that were never removed
  • ‘Latest news’ sections with only ancient posts from 2015-2019
  • Customer testimonials that are 5+ years old
  • Staff bios with no updates despite turnover
  • Copyright and footer dates not reflecting the present year

Floral business website owners should aim to add at least some new content every 1-3 months. This could simply include new seasonal product galleries, special event information, project case studies, seasonal tips, or workshops scheduled. You have to keep this in mind that, Google also rewards frequently updated content more in search rankings. 

5. No call-to-action buttons

A final big floral business website design mistake is neglecting to include clear prominent calls to action buttons throughout the site, especially on the homepage. The main goal of most business websites is to get site visitors to take some kind of action like:


  • Book an appointment
  • Request a quote
  • Visit retail location
  • Sign up for emails
  • Shop product catalog
  • Hire our floral design services

Without clear buttons prominently labeling and linking to these types of actions, site visitors may browse around but then leave without engaging with the business. 

Some good places for CTAs include widget areas, footer links, navigation menus, and hero banners on the homepage. You can use buttons for action verbs like “Book Now”, “Contact Us”, “Shop Flowers” and be in high-contrast colors for visibility. Making it easy for site visitors to engage with the intended actions is important for driving business results from the website.

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