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7 Floral Color Palettes To Show Your Wedding Florist

Choosing flower color schemes for weddings is a daunting task no doubt. Well, good news for you! Here in this article, we have discussed 7 of the trendiest flower color schemes out there. If you’re not planning a wedding anytime soon, that’s okay too! These color palettes go well with other occasions too! Keep reading to know more!

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White, pastel pink, and blue

This flower color scheme is a dreamy palette with all the sober pastel shades. If you prefer subtle and classy flower décor, then you’ll fall in love with this one. It’s pretty versatile too. Trendy weddings, gender reveal parties, birthdays- it will go with all of them. 

Red, blush pink, and white

This is a classic and traditional combination that goes very well on romantic occasions. Floral wedding arrangements are incomplete without a touch of reds and pinks, and white is non-negotiable for the same. Bridal bouquets or bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages will look awesome in this color palette. 

Purple, green, pink, and orange

This is one of the most vibrant and colorful flowering palettes out there. The amalgamation of so many colors creates a beautiful canopy. Outdoor weddings or anniversary celebrations are perfect occasions to go for this palette. And you’re having a ‘Welcome Party’ at home for your dear ones, then also this floral color palette will create magic.

Yellow, orange, and red

One of the unique wedding color palettes, the mixture of the brightest flower colors are great for spring and summer weddings. If you want to show off the charming and fun-loving side of you, then this wedding color palette is what you need. Flower arrangements with this color palette are also great for birthdays, fun parties, and get-well-soon arrangements.

Purple, blue, and white

Purple is a color of the royalty. Blue adds certain uniqueness to your floral arrangements, and the rest is done by the soothing presence of the white. Pick this color palette for your wedding if you’re going for a graceful and aristocratic experience. Indoor settings are better suited for this flower color scheme. If you’re already married and love this theme, don’t shy away from using this for your anniversary.

White, yellow, and pink

A cheery floral palette for the young at heart- this combination will remind you of sunny meadows and the happy days of your childhood. Young couples having a fun wedding with their friends and family can choose this theme as their wedding color palette. Apart from that, birthday celebrations of children, or welcoming a new child to your home are other occasions to go well with this flower palette.

Pink, purple, and yellow

And finally, a pretty unique and one-of-a-kind color palette for you! The contrasting colors look stunning when you decorate the wedding venue with them. Bright, peppy, and cheerful- you get all of them in a single flower color scheme. Isn’t it awesome? And because of its uniqueness, this color palette goes with literally any occasion that you can think of. 

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