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Floral Marketing Plan for Mother’s Day

A Digital marketing plan goes a long way in any floral business. Mother’s day is one of the most important days of the year. It signifies the importance of mothers in our lives. In this world of digitalization, a marketing plan and an online website play a very vital role. Mothers day flowers play a key role in the celebration of mothers day. 

Florist website development plays a vital role in the growth of any flower store. However, most people are puzzled about the marketing plans or flowers which are appropriate for the occasion of mothers day. So we bring you some of the best ideas for the growth of a florist website.

Creative Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Florists

1. Create a page dedicated to Mother’s Day shopping

While remodeling your website, create a page dedicated to Mother’s Day. Add all your Mother’s Day flower arrangements, and related gift items that go well with Mother’s Day to this page. 

There are numerous benefits of having a page dedicated to an occasion. Firstly, it makes navigation easy. Your customers can quickly find what they are looking for on this page. Secondly, other visitors who are not there for Mother’s Day shopping, can also find it interesting and end up buying flowers for Mother’s Day.

2. Go heavy with seasonal flowers

Including more and more seasonal flowers in your Mother’s Day special floral arrangements makes a lot of sense. Seasonal flowers are easily available hence budget-friendly. Moreover, those who are looking for decorative flowers for their home, they will also find the seasonal flower bouquets appropriate, and end up buying them. Hana POS can be a great help in this matter. The analytics feature accurately shows you which flowers were popular at this time last year, which products were bestsellers, season-wise popular flower lists, and more.

3. Offer product customization – Designer’s choice

Flower product photography

Offering customization options in your already existing product lines is a great way to attract more and more buyers. There are many ways of offering product customization, such as:

  1. Create a few newly-designed flower arrangements exclusively for Mother’s Day, and make them a limited time product. Offer a few customization options on them, like choosing the flower colors, or size.
  2. Offer a designer’s choice bouquet option on your website. This will allow you to use up all those extra flowers in your inventory

4. Merchandise your website and promote it well

Promoting your website through social media and other channels is very important to strengthen your online presence. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Regularly post photographs of your products, designer bouquets, and Mother’s day special bouquets. You can also take selfies with your customers and post those along with the photographs of their purchases. 
  2. Use Pinterest and pin all your Mother’s Day-themed ideas and pictures there.
  3. Link all your social media pages, Pinterest boards, and online product catalogs to your website, especially to your Mother’s Day special page. This way visitors will find all information very easily in one place.

5. Rethink Product price and delivery

In order to maximize your profit, you need to apply smart pricing tactics. Finding out about competitors’ pricing will give you a competitive edge. This is because if you price your products too high, you’ll lose business, and if too low, then you’ll end up making a loss. This is where a POS software like Hana proves to be immensely helpful. It can flawlessly analyze the cost of the product prices with last year, and then predict the ideal selling cost of each product so that you can make a profit while still keeping it competitive, and not too high.

You should also streamline your whole delivery system. This will include maintaining a steady supply of all delivery-related items like packing boxes, address labels, note cards, etc. 

In order to avoid any mistakes, double-check the delivery details before sending them. You can arrange all the delivery boxes alphabetically in order to streamline the delivery process. If you have a shortage of delivery staff, try third-party delivery services like door dash.

6. Put together the ultimate Mother’s day gift guide

When it comes to gift giving, you’ll find that many of your customers have the intention, but not the information. Everyone would love to surprise their mothers with special gifts, but a lot of them are just clueless about what to gift. Help them by creating gift guides for them. Publishing blogs and articles regularly about what to gift your mother, and how to pick up gifts according to someone’s personality, age, character traits, or other factors will prove to be immensely helpful. Don’t forget to add links to your products so that the readers can directly buy what they like while reading through your blogs. Moreover, publishing regular blogs will also help increase your organic SEO score.

7. Run special Mother’s Day deals

Launching exclusive deals related to Mother’s Day is a very useful way of increasing business around the special day. You can launch a special loyalty program and offer exclusive discounts to your old customers. For new customers, you can offer a one-time special deal that will compel them to make a purchase.

Mother's Day Sale

Mother’s Day Sale

Also, a ‘Buy more save more’ program works well during holidays. This means, the more one spends on your site, the better discount they will get. Hana POS helps you create and offer customized deals for your existing customers by analyzing their order history, and offering the best and most lucrative deals that fit their requirements.

8. Promote your special Mother’s Day deals

Merely launching these special deals for Mother’s Day is like doing only half of the work. If you don’t promote those offers well, nobody will know about them, and all will go to waste, right? Email marketing, social media campaigns, running PPC ads, video ads, and organic marketing through content generation are all helpful ways of promoting your Mother’s Day deals.

9. Promote free shipping/delivery for select Mother’s Day products

Everyone loves it when they get a value-for-money experience. When customers shop online, they often dislike the fact that they have to pay an additional shipping or delivery fee to send the flowers to their desired places. This is why, when you offer free shipping for select Mother’s Day special floral products, you’ll experience a lot less cart abandonment issues. Customers will feel more interested in making a purchase as they will feel that they are getting better value for their money.

10. Work with local influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is huge right now, and if you can leverage it, this will prove to be highly beneficial for you. in order to promote your floral products, select a few suitable influencers whose followers consist mostly of your ideal Target Audience. Collaborate with them to promote your flower shop and floral products. Gift them some of your best floral products and ask them to showcase those products in various ways. You can start with a one-time partnership, and if it proves to be profitable, then make it into a regular collaboration.

11. Run Google Ads campaign 

Google Ads Florist Marketing

Google Ads Florist Marketing

Sometimes even after doing all the organic marketing campaigns that you can, there can still be a lack of engagements. Don’t worry, this is why paid marketing campaigns are here. Running Google Ads campaign right before Mother’s Day will give you the boost in traffic that you are looking for. Google Ads offers you a budget-friendly, yet highly targeted ad campaigns. It’s also highly flexible and customizable, and yields measurable results.

12. Create a Mother’s Day email series

Email marketing is a proven way of marketing that works effectively almost every time. In order for you to run a successful email marketing series, you need to plan everything in detail well ahead of time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to launch a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Defining goals: It’s time to decide what you want to achieve from this campaign, whether it’s to increase traffic, generate leads, increase sales, or anything else. 
  2. Build email list: You need to keep your subscribers’ email list handy in order to start sending those emails as soon as possible.
  3. Creating content: Now you need to create targeted content that will help you achieve your goal.
  4. Make it visually appealing: Using attractive graphics will encourage the receivers to read it
  5. Include a suitable subject line: if your subject line is not attractive enough, nobody will even open it.
  6. Personalize: Finally, before sending them, you need to personalize your emails based on the traits of the customers. Sending the same email to each and every target audience and not personalizing them will not yield favorable result.
  7. Send and analyze results: finally, after you send the emails, don’t forget to track its results through various data.

13. Encourage Repeat Sales with An Additional Offer (Loyalty sales offers)

A majority of your profits come through repeat customers, because data shows that it costs a business thrice as much to win a new customer than to retain an old one. So, offer some exciting deals for your old customers to encourage repeat sales. Introducing a loyalty program is a very good way to do so. Offer loyalty points for every purchase that can be redeemed for discounts against the next ones. Also, you can send special coupons directly to your existing customers through emails. Hana POS offers a great automated solution for personalizing your customers’ shopping experience. It helps you create the best deals and loyalty offers for your customers by analyzing their purchase patterns. with Hana POS, you will be able to provide the best suitable choices for your customers which will increase your sales by a huge margin.

14. Update your Google Business listing

Updating your Google Business Listing is another important task for you to do. Doing so provides a number of benefits such as:

google my business profile update

google my business profile update

  1. Improved Visibility:  Listing your business on Google improves your online visibility
  2. Increased Credibility: Since Google Business Listing provides a verified assurance of your business, it increases your credibility among customers
  3. Customer Insights: having a Google Business Listing helps you access helpful customer insights such as their location, how they found your business, and other customer behavior.
  4. Budget-friendly advertising: As it is totally free, listing your business on Google provides you an opportunity to advertise your business for free to your local customers

How flower POS system can help you achieve your floral marketing plan?

A POS software like Hana helps your business in various ways. It can streamline most backend tasks, create targeted marketing campaigns, and help in every other aspect of your business. 

  1. The analytics tool that comes with Hana is another immensely helpful feature that shows a lot of competitive and analytics metrics of your business. These data-backed analyses benefit your business immensely. For example, you can track last year’s best selling products for a certain time period, and comparing it to this year, predict which products are going to be popular this year. having this knowledge will help you stock your inventory in a better way, increase sales and reduce wastage.
  2. Not just products, but it shows you the areas of possible expansion of your business. this will help you scale your business in a large way. By showing data from last year, you can decide whether to expand this year too or not.
  3. Product price analysis is also done very accurately by Hana, which helps you to keep your product prices profitable yet competitive.
  4. Hana also helps in creating customized discounts, deals, and loyalty programs for your customers. This attracts more and more customers and increases your sales.


Any individual can set up their good flower shop with the POS system. We have already mentioned some of the major perks of our software. We also have numerous other features for people setting up new flower shops. We can guarantee that through this software, you can easily open your profitable flower shop.

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