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Florist checklist for Halloween Floral Season [Updated 2022]

Who says we do not need flowers for Halloween?! Though Halloween is a spooky celebration, the last week of October gets really busy for florists. The unique autumn and winter flowers remain high in demand. 

Be it Halloween roses or any other blooms, florists must stock flowers that go with the Halloween theme. Also, they must be prepared to manage the rush at this time of the year. In our Halloween floral checklist, we have included everything florists must do to gear up for the high-volume sale time. 

Being prepared will enable you to take advantage of the opportunity and sell Halloween flowers as much as possible. 

Halloween Flowers Checklist for Florist

1. Stock up on flowers and add-ons

Make sure not to miss out on Halloween floral arrangements. Prepare some hauntingly beautiful arrangements that people can use to decorate their homes for Halloween. Stock up the flowers that go well with the Halloween theme. For instance, black, blue, red roses, burgundy calla lilies, and other red, orange, or dark-colored flowers. Also, stock up on add-ons like Halloween-themed cupcakes, balloons, and other decorative items that fit the Halloween floral décor.

2. Prep your website before promotions

Your florist eCommerce website would need some revamping before you introduce special Halloween offers. During Halloween week, there will be a surge in website traffic and your site must be capable of handling it. So, call the developer and make the improvements. Optimize your website for mobiles. Make it mobile responsive. Ensure that it works just fine when customers place orders from smartphones. 

3. Review and optimize your checkout process

Don’t let your sales fall through the crack because of a complex checkout process. Before, the Halloween rush begins, assess your checkout process. Find out how easy and convenient it is. Also, check for the CTA position, webpage speed, and content clarity. Keep your checkout process simple and user-friendly. It will attract new customers and help customers to place orders faster. An improved checkout process will also ensure that no flower arrangements for Halloween are abandoned in the carts by customers. 

4. Get a POS system 

A florist POS system like Hana Florist can be your best friend during Halloween. Hana POS system has several benefits and it can make your service more efficient and seamless. With Hana POS florist system, you can automate the ordering process, track stock, auto-assign delivery executives, mark complete orders, sync offline and online sales, etc. Thus, a Flower POS system will be the best solution to all your business problems. 

5. Flower marketing for Halloween

Promote your collection of flowers for Halloween. Since matching flowers to the Halloween theme is slightly difficult, displaying or promoting your collection can help you attract customers. You can also share pictures on social media and provide tips for décor. Besides, you can also run flower marketing campaigns on your social media channels. Use reel content on Instagram, and Facebook. Make YouTube videos for promotions. You can also announce special discounts, gifts, coupon code offers like free shipping, a 50% discount on bulk delivery, or advance booking. 

During Halloween, florists can unexpectedly face a huge rush. If you can manage the demand well, you can leverage this celebration and double your sales volume. So, prepare yourself beforehand to ensure a perfect customer experience.

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