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Florist Checklist for Mother’s Day

Getting your flower store ready for Mother’s Day? Make sure you don’t forget the essentials. Follow this florist checklist for Mother’s Day, and enjoy a successful peak season for your floral business.

Florist Checklist for Planning Mother’s Day

Website Modification

First and foremost, give your online or physical store a makeover for Mother’s Day. Your flower shop website should reflect the theme of Mother’s Day, and all related offers and deals should be displayed on the front page in a way that catches the visitor’s attention

Mothers day Flower shop - Website Modification

Mothers day Flower shop – Website Modification

You should also optimize your website for both mobile and desktop traffic. Additionally, traffic surges can potentially cause your website to malfunction, so it’s important to take care of that as well.

  1. Create a Mother’s Day special shopping page
  2. Display all offers related to the event in bold and bright graphics
  3. Add enough CTA buttons throughout the page to encourage the viewers in making a purchase
  4. Make sure your website is ready to handle the extra spike in traffic during rush hours

Using a floral POS software like Hana Florist POS will make this task easy. It automates most of the tasks and produces outstanding results in a short time. So, you can save both your time and energy and leverage all its benefits most fittingly.

Flower Shop Transformation

For a brick-and-mortar store, appearance plays a pivotal role in attracting customers. So, to attract more visitors to your store, do the following:

  1. Choose a Mother’s Day floral theme color and give your shop a makeover
  2. Announce all Mother’s Day-related offers in big and bright boards outside the shop
  3. Use related items, like Mother’s Day quotes printed on colorful cards, souvenirs, and show pieces to decorate your store
  4. Display Mother’s Day special bouquets and flower arrangements on the counter to make them the most visible

Marketing and Promotions

If you’re planning to run marketing campaigns related to Mother’s Day, you should plan and start at least 30 to 45 days in advance. Organic marketing takes time to yield results, so, start at least a few weeks before D-Day. Paid marketing campaigns can however be run just days before Mother’s Day.

Mothers day flower shop Marketing and Promotions

Mothers day flower shop Marketing and Promotions

If you’re offering special deals and discounts, then promote these offers on different channels as well. Try reaching as many target audiences as possible to maximize profit. Here are some ideas relating to both organic and paid marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day:

  1. Publish blogs and articles related to topics around Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day flowers, Mother’s Day gifts, etc. Answer visitors’ questions related to them and redirect them to your e-commerce space by including links to your products and services
  2. Run email campaigns and offer special vouchers to inspire customers to buy more
  3. Optimize your existing website and product pages by using relevant keywords related to Mother’s Day to attract maximum organic traffic
  4. Organize social media campaigns in advance. You can organize many events like quizzes, selfie-competition, online games, etc. to get your target audience excited about Mother’s Day. Then, offer them special vouchers or coupons to make a purchase
  5. For offline marketing, you can organize local events, distribute leaflets, and place printed ads, banners, and flyers around your city.

Attracting more buyers by applying different sales strategies

Mothers day sales strategies

Mothers day sales strategies

When your marketing campaigns are running in full force, it’s time to take care of your sales efforts more thoroughly. To get more customers, keep your price competitive when compared to the other sellers in your area. Other things that you can do to boost your sales are:

1. Free delivery option

Offering free delivery for all customers, or customers buying more than a certain amount worth of products is a great way to attract more and more customers.

2. Offering special vouchers and discounts

You can offer your loyal and regular customers a special discount code on Mother’s Day as a token of appreciation. This will compel the customers to purchase at a discounted price.

3. Buy more, pay less

This is another sales strategy that works great. For example, if a customer purchases $200, he can get a 15% discount. However, if the purchase amount exceeds $300, he will get a 25% discount. So, the more they spend, the better discounts they can get.

4. Product bundling

You can bundle a few products like a Mother’s Day bouquet, a box of chocolates, a handwritten greeting card, and so on, and offer a collective discount on the total purchase. This will feel like a profit to customers, and they will make a purchase.

Preparing for the surge in sales

Preparing Flower shop for mothers day

Preparing Flower shop for mothers day

Finally, it’s time to do the needful to take care of the actual sales process. Expect a high demand, so, talk to your supplier in advance to keep the supply running. Here are a few features for your online and physical shop that you can introduce to handle the spike in sales like a pro:

1. Designer’s Choice

Introducing a Designer’s Choice option on your website. Give an overall idea about the bouquet, but leave the details to the designer’s discretion. This will allow you to use up the excess flowers.

2. Buy online, pick up at the store

This will save you a lot of time and effort in terms of delivery. As the customer is ordering in advance online, you will have a fair idea about the demands and will be able to stay prepared.

3. Pre-order and scheduled delivery

Allowing pre-orders is another great way to be prepared in advance. When you allow pre-orders, you know how much demand is there for any particular flower or flower arrangement, and arrange for them in advance. Try introducing a scheduled delivery option to better prepare your team for on-time and prompt delivery.

Stocking up on all the necessities

Don’t forget to stock up on everything you need well in advance. Talk to your local flower suppliers in advance and brief them about how much and what type of flowers you are going to need. Consider talking to them about any emergency increase or decrease in demands, and how to handle those situations. Having a deal with 2 or 3 suppliers will keep you more secure, rather than depending on only 1.

Mother's day flowers Stocks

Mother’s day flowers Stocks

You need to stock up on other necessities as well other than flowers, i.e. non-perishable items. Maintain a thorough supply of floral baskets, foams, stands, cellophane papers, greeting cards, and all other items needed to create those amazing Mother’s Day flower bouquets.

Must-have flowers for Mother’s Day:

As a florist, you should offer your customers as many varieties and options as possible. Therefore, you must be aware of your customers’ current preferences about flowers to give on Mother’s Day. Try tracking the shopping trends on your website and keep an eye on your competitors to find out the latest trends and preferences. For Mother’s Day, these are the must-have flowers for a flower shop:

  • Alstroemeria
  • Carnations
  • Daisies and Poms
  • Roses
  • Garden Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Delphinium
  • Lilly

To best prepare your florist business for Mother’s Day, using a floral POS software like Hana Florist POS is highly recommended. They help you in every step of your business. From creating an optimized website to attracting traffic through targeted marketing campaigns, it takes care of everything. Try now!

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