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7 features that every florist ecommerce website should have

Are you someone who’s setting up your new florist ecommerce website? Or do you already have one but not finding much success in your business? Well, you should definitely consider having these 7 features on your florist website that will attract more customers and land more sales.

1. High-quality images and optimized product descriptions:

The first and the most important thing that your florist ecommerce website should have is killer product descriptions of every item. When it comes to flowers, a large number of people still love to buy from local shops or physical stores. It allows them to have a firsthand experience with the flowers through touch, feel, and smell. Since your online customers cannot do that, you should fill in the gap as much as possible by offering immaculate details about your products.

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 A good product description should consist of two equally important parts. First, a vivid, high-quality image that people can zoom into and inspect thoroughly. And second, a nice written description that will tell them everything else that they can’t see in the image. Another important reason for having good written descriptions is that it will also help you to leverage florist SEO. You should optimize your product descriptions in a way that they help your website rank higher in search engines. Using relevant keywords in your product descriptions is a way of doing so.

2. Google review integration:

When it comes to the success of any ecommerce business, ratings and reviews play an important role. As mentioned earlier, customers cannot physically inspect your products while shopping online. This is why they rely on the opinions of other genuine customers who have purchased from your website. You can easily add Google reviews to your website by visiting your Google business page and embedding the reviews to your webpage. Adding the ratings and reviews feature to your website is a way of establishing authenticity and clarity with your customers. Good reviews will help you to attract more customers. In fact, the bad ones will help you too by motivating you to rectify your flaws providing better customer experiences.

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3. Designer’s Choice  option:

As a florist business, it must be very difficult, or almost impossible to be able to use up all the flowers and foliages stocked up in your inventory every day. Since flowers are highly perishable, all this excess stuff goes to waste. One of the smartest ways to use them up is by adding a ‘Designer’s Choice’ option to your website. Here, you can provide only a general idea of the products, and take liberty while designing it.

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For example, a ‘season’s greetings’ bouquet will denote that you’ll include in-season flowers in your bouquet. However, the choice of flowers will depend on your stock, and you can replace daisies with sunflowers when there is an excess of sunflowers and a shortage of daisies in your inventory. You should also keep the price of the designer’s choice bouquet slightly lower than similar products. This will encourage your customers to go for it more.

4. Flower subscription option:

Just like the ‘Designer’s Choice’ option, the flower subscription option is another helpful feature to have on your florist delivery system. With this option, you can offer the customers to get timely delivery of their favorite floral items on regular intervals. This will eliminate the need to place an individual order every time. You can offer them to choose the interval also, with options like “Deliver every 3 days” or “Deliver every Sunday”. You can also let them customize their preferences by letting them choose the particular dates of delivery. Like the ‘Designer’s Choice’ option, a flower subscription option should also be a little bit cheaper, so that your regular customers get a good deal out of loyalty. Flower subscriptions will also ensure better business for you since it doesn’t require placing an order every time. So, your sales will not depend on customers accidentally forgetting to place their orders. It will also give you a heads-up about how much raw material is needed every day or week, so it will also lead to better inventory management.

5. Marketing reminders:

Another feature to add to your florist website is marketing reminders for your customers. Sometimes a customer adds some products to their cart, but never checks out due to various reasons. In this situation, you can send a reminder to their phone as a push notification, an email, or an SMS to their registered email address or phone number. This will remind them about their pending purchases, and they might return to your website to complete the purchase.

You can also send marketing reminders before or during special occasions when people tend to buy more flowers. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Women’s Day etc. are popular holidays and occasions when people love buying and gifting flowers. Creating special-occasion products and informing your customers about the special collections through marketing reminders will surely improve your business.

6. A simplified checkout option:

Coming to the point of why a customer might abandon their cart halfway and not complete their purchase, a likely reason for this might be a complicated checkout. Statistics show that when a checkout has more than 3 steps to complete, the customer feels frustrated by it and abandons their purchase midway. Also, when a customer has to repeatedly provide his information during checkout, this might also lead to abandonment. Another reason is, not having the customer’s preferred payment method. You might offer internet banking, debit card, and credit card payment options on your website. But the customer’s preferred payment method might be paypal or Cash on Delivery. Naturally, not seeing these options will make the customer unhappy, and they might leave your platform. So, having as many payment options as you can is always a good idea.

7. Support of a Florist POS software:

Having the support of florist POS systems can revolutionize your florist ecommerce website. A florist POS system is helpful in every step of your business. They will help you to create great product images and descriptions. You can also build a highly-responsive and fast ecommerce site with their help. Further, they will help come up with a highly result-oriented digital marketing strategy. A florist POS system will also show analytics of various aspects of your business so that you can further improve your strategies, offer many useful marketing features for your advantage, and so on. It will improve your florist SEO significantly through organic marketing strategies. So, a POS software for florist will make every aspect of your online florist business better through advanced systems and smart strategies.

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