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Floral Design Tools Every Florist Should Have

Are you getting started with a floral business? Well, then get ready to note down the top 7 floral design tools that are a must in your stack. These basic tools will help you create exotic and perfectly professional-looking flower arrangements. 

List of the most essential design tools

1. Branch cutters

One of the most important floral tools for a florist is a branch cutter. When arranging blooms, thick stems and branches can create problems. This is where you need floral branch cutters. Scissors usually do not work for cutting thick branches as they are not sturdy enough. Hence, you need a few pairs of branch cutters (of different shapes and sizes) that can help you cut off the annoying stems easily. 

2. Floral foam

When you are trying to stabilize flowers, floral foam is a great tool. This florist tool also holds water and flower food to prolong the life of the flowers. Floral foams hold the flowers firmly in place and are great for creating and delivering the floral arrangement designs that you intend to make. 

3. Floral cages

Floral cages are sturdy box-like structures made of plastic that can be filled with floral foam. You can easily secure the cages with floral tapes or wires to fix them to pillars, easels, and other structures. This flower tool is mostly used when creating designs for sympathy arrangements, sprays, wedding bouquets, etc. 

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4. Thorn strippers

Flower thorn strippers are a must-have tool for a florist. These are used regularly to remove the thorns and leaves from flowers, especially roses. The tool is easy to use. One must pull it down gently along the rose stem, removing only the thorns. Remember to use the thorn strippers with sufficient space down from the flower head. It prevents the tool from falling off. 

5. Floral adhesive

Among all the florist tools and equipment, a floral adhesive is something you can easily miss out on when building your tools stack. Florists need floral adhesives when making boutonnieres and corsages. The adhesive allows the flowers to stick directly onto the leaves or foliage or the base. Thus, the flowers stay put and do not fall with movement. 

6. Floral picks

If you need an alternative to floral foams, floral picks are a nice one. The picks offer sufficiently sturdy support and prevent the flowers from falling off. You can make bouquets, wreaths, or any flower arrangement look fuller with floral picks. This tool enables you to enlarge the flower stem appearance. Moreover, floral picks can extend the stem length as it adds base support to it. 

7. Crowning glory

The floral crowning glory is a hydration and protection spray that keeps the moisture in flowers intact, extending their life. This spray keeps the flowers fresh for a longer duration.  Florists have been using the crowning glory spray for a long time to keep the flower arrangements fresher. The liquid shield locks the moisture and keeps the flowers vibrant and glowing. 

Regardless of your experience in the floral industry, these flower tools are a must in your toolkit. If you are a new start-up, get these tools right away. And if you are a seasoned player in the industry, check out if you have these tools in proper working condition.

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