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Florist Guide – Planning Season and Holidays for the Year in 2024

To run a successful business, we all need a proper reliable plan. To most florists, planning the year ahead of time is always in their favor. A set program always helps to sort everyone’s tasks. So adequate guidance is what we all seek to build a full-fledged plan.

Here we present an effortless guide for annual floral planning.


January could turn out like a slow-moving month in the floral industry. However, we can utilize this crucial month to focus on our flower shop organization and marketing strategies.

  • Start advertising: This is an excellent course of action to double the number of our buyers and orders. A simple advertisement will do wonders for our floral business. Our main goal would be to hold the engagement as long as possible. Posting the ad on social media can be a game-changer.
  • Reviewing our last year’s Valentine’s Sales: We plan to order our flowers for Valentine’s Day a bit early. It will result in significant savings, which is highly beneficial. Setting up an appropriate amount and ordering enough flowers will make our sales fly. Also, ordering the add-ons like chocolate, plush, cards, or anything with the flowers is a great pitch. These are substantial money makers.
  • Store ambiance/Valentine’s Day decoration: Making a spectacular decoration will attract many potential customers; an ideal time for doing the Valentine’s Day decoration is in the second week of January.


Roll up the sleeves because this month will be a long one.

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Employee Management: Explaining the task correctly to our workers should be our priority, this will result in less confusion, and the work can continue without any hustle. Also renting extra delivery vans for this month would be a good decision.

Website check-ins: Let’s not forget our eCommerce store; we have to make sure the store is ready for business; after all, the florist pos system is a great deal.


This month is the most rewarding month for a florist. It gives us the time to relax and start getting ready for the regeneration of the upcoming spring.

  • Spring: The most anticipated season is here; let’s utilize this season as much as we can because who doesn’t like a bouquet of spring flowers.
  • Order your Easter flowers: It’s never a bad idea to get in the fullness of time, so let’s order our easter flowers and plants. Again, containing early results in crucial savings, and we also have the best selection.


Ready or not, and it is already April! Take April seriously cause Mother’s Day will be here before you know it.

  • Order Mother’s Day supplies: Great time to order Mother’s Day flowers is early April. Also, add-ons are a must for this month.
  • Tips:  Customer orders throughout the Mother’s Day week, so we should prepare with sufficient workers and also our store must have a great collection.


A vital month for the floral industry with one of the top-selling holidays, so it’s always good for us to be ready for the upcoming super-charged weeks.


June is undoubtedly one of the loveliest months for florists; with a pinch of summer, June is the most popular wedding month. June can get very busy, so we should always be ready with our ideas of promotions of wedding flowers that will boost our business with flying colors.


In the flower industry, July is well known as a month of management. So, we need to organize the shop with soothing eye displays; this month can get a little bit slower, so it’s best to invest our time in refreshing the florist business website with great content and keywords to attract more audience.

August, September, and October

These three months are the end of summer and fall is a beautiful beginning. These months are like a roller coaster ride in the floral industry. Implementing new ways of marketing in august will show its fruitful outcome in October. Also, as per some great florists, September is the ideal time for starting the preparation of Thanksgiving and fall.

November and December

Fall is here, and these two months are packed with holidays, starting from Thanksgiving and ending with a banger, Christmas, and New year. No wonder these two months made their way as the third-best months for floral retail sales. 

Sales are huge in falls, to maintain this marketing, we must come up with some great discounts we could offer the customers.

The conclusion 

So,These were the few pointers with easy guides for florists to bloom the market and plan out the year. We assure you that our POS software will help you to get good benefits for your flower shop.

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