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Florist Logos: Choosing the Best Floral Logo Design For Your Brand

Logos are the essence of a brand. A perfect florist logo has the power to communicate the different aspects of your floral brand. Hence, it is one of the most daunting tasks to create the ideal flower shop logo.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through a few types of flower logos. You can use them as your muse to create your own florist company logo.

Why Your Florist Website Needs a Logo?

A logo defines your business. It creates your brand identity. A simple floral logo can help you connect with customers, allowing them to identify your brand amidst the crowd. 

A floral logo design on your delivery van, social media posts, ribbons, or anywhere else can help customers instantly recognize you!

So, create a logo that speaks about you and your brand. You might have a personality or style for your florist business – rustic & vintage, wild, classic countryside, contemporary, or floral artisan. Whatever style speaks to you, use it to create your flower shop logo and let it connect with your audience.

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5 Floral Brand Logo Design Types

  1. Wordmark Logo Design 

Also known as logotypes, these are font-based floral logo designs. If your brand has a unique name, go for a wordmark logo. Wordmark logos are simple. For instance, Google.

If you want a wordmark logo for your florist website, then choose a font that best represents your brand personality. Floral name design generally uses cursive fonts. However, you may opt for a formal one as well. 

  1. Lettermark Logo Design

Lettermark logos are short. They are typically an abbreviation of the brand’s name or the initials. This makes brand recognition easier. For instance, P&G, HP, H&M are all lettermark logos.

Among the florist company logos, Main Street Florist has a lettermark logo that reads MSF.

  1. Abstract logo Design

Abstract logos are typically geometric designs or abstract shapes. A few examples of abstract logos are Twitter, Spotify, Apple, etc. 

Opting for an abstract logo allows you to be creative. These logos are generally created by graphic designers using shapes, colors to ensure a meaningful floral logo design.

  1. Combination Florist logo Design

Combination floral logo designs blend a brand name and an image. For example, Chanel, Rolex, Puma, have combination logos.

It’s a good option for those who would like a creative graphic plus their brand name on the florist company logo. Swoon Floral Design has a beautiful combination logo.

  1. Emblem Florist logo Design

The emblem logos contain an image or font inside an icon or a symbol. Starbucks, Warner Bros, BMW have emblem logos.

Emblem flower shop logos can be contemporary or traditional. Among florists, Flowers & Company, Flowery Bunch florist have emblem logos that we love. 

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Floral Logo Design & Brand Personality

Your flower logo represents the personality of your floral brand. If your brand is fun and playful, choose fonts and colors that represent playfulness. For the sophisticated ones, a font that reflects elegance and sophistication is necessary. 

An eye-catching and easily recognizable flower logo can instantly connect you to your customers. Your brand awareness and recognition increase significantly. Plus, your chances of retaining customers increase too. 

Here are a few options that you can consider for your floral brand logo. 

  • Monochromatic – For a sophisticated and minimalistic look, going monochrome is the best option. These flower logos use different shades of the same color to create the logo.
  • Triadic – A color trio can be perfect as a flower logo. However, choose shades that look good together like the main color and two accents.
  • Corresponding – In a corresponding logo, use the colors on the color wheel that appear next to each other.
  • Complementary- Complementary colors on a logo make it visually attractive. So, if you want a dramatic logo, go for complementary colors. 

Get Ready to Create a Lasting Impression!

We understand that a florist website with targeted keywords and florist SEO is important. But that doesn’t make your floral brand logo any less important. 

Your logo is the first impression that you create on your customers. So, make sure it’s a lasting one!

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