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Florist Marketing Tips: How to build a brand around your flower shop

Increasing competition and lower profit margins have led to many florists creating new, exciting marketing campaigns and strategies to reach their target audience. As a florist, you already have aesthetically pleasing products that can be used to market what you have to offer in both offline and online marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips to build a brand around your flower shop and reach your ideal customers.

Create a website that showcases your work

Very few people still use the yellow pages or directories to find a flower shop. Instead, they turn to Google and type in “florist” + their location to find florists in their area. Not only do you need a website with your contact details and company information, you also need one that highlights your products and amazing talent in the best way possible.

The best marketing strategies for florists is to show off their floral arrangements and work in visually appealing ways. If you did the flowers at a local Woman’s Day event, make sure you’ve got a few great pictures of the tables and flower arrangement and show it off.

If your company is often asked to do the floral arrangements at a wedding venue in your area, include a gallery of all the different bouquets and arrangements that you pulled off. Also make sure that standard flower arrangements, baskets and bouquets are showcased so that people can browse and order an arrangement on the spot if it appeals to them.

Be adaptable

Your business undoubtedly changes its specials and services according to the seasons. In February, you probably have an influx of red rose orders and around Thanksgiving, you will have a spike in festive, autumn colored arrangements. Plan your marketing strategies around these seasons so that you can give your target audience the right information and messages when they are searching for different themes of floral arrangements.

Not only should you plan a content calendar around these seasonal changes (which can include email marketing, blog posts on your website and changing the images that website visitors will see on your homepage), but you should also be able to quickly adapt if there is a local event that warrants different content and more contextualized marketing.

Choose your social channels wisely

It can sometimes feel like a new social channel launches every week. Should your floral company have a Snapchat account or be creating Vines on Twitter? Instead of trying to maintain a dozen different social media profiles, rather focus on the ones that have the most visual appeal such as Instagram and Facebook. Regularly take pictures of unique floral arrangements that you are working on and post them to your company’s social media profiles.

Florist Marketing Tips

You can also use these channels to market upcoming specials, positive customer feedback or even educational information such as how to order the right floral arrangements for different occasions, the meaning and interesting back stories around different flowers or how to keep your flowers fresh and flourishing for longer.

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In-store marketing

The best florist marketing strategies have a well-thought out in-store marketing strategy as well. Some of the in-store marketing solutions that you can consider include showcasing bouquets outside the shop if the weather allows. Printing large canvas photos of events that you have done or unique floral arrangements to hang in-store can also give customers a good idea of what you have to offer.

Personalized marketing

It’s also a good idea to capture customer data so that you can offer them personalized discounts on anniversaries and birthdays, for example. Some florist POS products have built-in marketing features like email campaigns and reminders that can help you with these strategies. Hana Floral POS is a complete florist POS solution offering an entire gamut of features. Contact us for more information today.

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