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Florist point of sale systems: Why flowers and tech are a great combination

Florist technology continues to revolutionize the way many floral companies are run today. Florists who want to focus their time on making beautiful flower arrangements are now able to streamline their admin and logistics with the latest tools that make their lives easier. As a flower shop owner, it’s understandable that you can’t set aside time to focus on researching different systems and solutions available on the market.

All you need is something that helps you sell more and be more effective in a business that you love. Florist point of sale systems is where flowers and tech meet up to create this perfect combination – let’s take a closer look.

Better customer service

In this day and age, customers expect to be helped immediately and if they have already paid for a floral arrangement, they want to know when they can expect it (and many of them also want to be able to track their progress). Instead of dealing with a phone that is ringing off the hook and manually keeping track of all of your orders, your florist point of sale system can do this for you.

Your point of sale system can keep customers in the loop on the progress of their orders so that you aren’t required to give feedback about when the floral arrangement is ready, when it is being loaded into the delivery truck and when it is expected to be out on delivery, which can significantly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend on communication while simultaneously ensuring that your clients stay in the loop on orders.

Streamline driver schedules

Whether you have one driver or an entire fleet of delivery vehicles is irrelevant as this part of your floral company undoubtedly takes a lot of time to plan, optimize and manage on a daily basis. With a florist POS software, you will have a single manifesto of orders, which means that drivers don’t have to return to the shop for every delivery. Keeping your drivers on an optimized route that tracks their progress as well as the progress of your customers’ orders will save time as well as money.

Reduced paperwork and green benefits

UnfortunFlorist point of saleately, floral companies have always had a fairly significant dependence on paperwork that gets generated internally on a day-to-day basis. With modern POS systems, everything from your receipts, order numbers and client feedback can be entered into the system only once, which makes your accounting and business management far more streamlined and significantly less paper-heavy.

A vast reduction in paperwork also leads to a reduced carbon footprint and in a time where many customers are focused on partnering with suppliers and brands that are conscious of their environmental impact, investing in a system that helps you become a paperless business makes more sense than ever before. 


Hana Florist POS is a florist technology that helps save you time and money. There is no large up-front license fee and a low monthly, all-inclusive service fee is all you need to pay to get access to a web-based system that eliminates any need to buy expensive servers or hardware. Contact us for more information about this florist point of sales system today.

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