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How Florist POS Software Inventory Management Works For Local Flower Shop

Florist POS systems offer revolutionary solutions to the daily problems that a retail flower shop owner has to face. One of its main features is inventory management. When you use smart inventory management in your business, it multiplies your profits and reduces unnecessary wastage significantly. Want to know how? Keep reading.

What is a florist POS system?

POS or point of sale systems help a retail business in their daily operations by automating a number of tasks, or enabling easier and faster day to day operations. Traditionally, POS systems came with their own set of hardware that required physical installation. However, nowadays, POS software can perform all of these tasks and a lot more without requiring any hardware installation. A florist POS system like Hana florist POS is specifically designed for the floral industry keeping the industry’s special and unique requirements in mind.

Why is inventory management important for a florist business?

Inventory Management is crucial for any retail business. However, in florist business, its importance is even more gigantic. Flowers are highly perishable items. Unlike a restaurant or a grocery shop, a flower shop cannot store its floral supplies by freezing or other methods. Reports show that about 50% of all the flowers that are produced and supplied to retail flower shops every day are never actually sold. This huge amount of floral stock is perished and ruined every day, accounting for significant loss for the flower shop.

The solution? Smart inventory flower management.

When you have a better idea and clarity about your floral needs, you can refrain from ordering unnecessary stocks and reduce wastage. Plus, you’ll save a lot on money not only on supplies, but on inventory management and shipping too.

How can POS software help florist in inventory management?

A well-built POS software can double as a flower inventory control software too. A POS software provides valuable inventory help in many different ways, such as:

1. It displays and utilizes the existing stock efficiently:

A florist POS system always shows you the existing stock in your inventory. This clear picture about the stock helps you to plan and prepare for your orders in the most optimized way. When you see roses are running low on stock and lilies are existing in excess, you can take liberty with the ‘Designer’s Choice’ orders and use up more lilies.

2. Automating ordering:

Florist POS system also helps in flower order management. POS systems can be programmed to automate the ordering process from the wholesale supplier. When you’re running low on supplies, POS systems will automatically place orders for the required items. So, you don’t have to worry about running out on the necessary items. This also prevents impulse ordering.

3. Forecasting requirements

Florist POS systems have a great analytics system. Besides showing relevant data about sales and marketing, the analytics feature also efficiently tracks and interprets purchase patterns. It gives you a vivid idea about which flowers are being sold more often and which ones are not that in demand, based on the season or the time of the year. Using historical data, it can also correctly predict any future trends in the floral industry. This will keep you better prepared. As a result, you can leverage the benefits of better inventory management. You’ll be able to purchase stocks more efficiently and save a lot of money.

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