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Florist Preparation Guide for Fall Season

The fall season is upon us once again. As the weather begins to cool and the leaves change their beautiful colors, it’s time for florists to start preparing for what will surely be a busy few months. Fall is a popular time for weddings, funerals, home decorating, and other events that involve flowers. So to help you get ready, here are some tips and suggestions for stocking up your store and website for the fall season ahead.

Updating Your Florist Website

Customizing your floral website for the changing seasons is important for customers looking to browse seasonal flower options online.

Make sure to update your website with fall-inspired flower pictures and arrangements. Switch out photos of summer flowers like roses and tulips for photos featuring mums, pots of chrysanthemums, bouquets of oranges and browns. You’ll also want to highlight flower varieties that work well for fall weddings and events.

Describe the different types of bouquets and arrangements you can create using seasonal flowers. Mention flower types like dahlias, sunflowers, asters, and ornamental kale and cabbage that work well in fall floral designs. Writing blog posts about popular fall centerpiece ideas is another way to get your website ready. Be sure all product descriptions, especially for pre-made arrangements, highlight flowers that will be in season.

You’ll also want to update any information about your floral service offerings. For example, if you create seasonal wreaths and garlands, add photos and descriptions of fall wreath designs using berries, pinecones, and eucalyptus. Provide information on your hours and availability as the holiday season approaches and you may need to adjust your schedule. 

Preparing your storefront

Giving your storefront a fall refresh will help customers get into the seasonal spirit when they visit. Switch out any summery signs or displays for fall-inspired decorations. Place a fall flower arrangement by the front door as a warm welcome. Dress up your store windows with miniature fall centerpieces, little pots of mums, mini pumpkins, and decorative corn stalks.

Consider creating vignettes throughout the store using different seasonal elements. For example, a tabletop scene filled with faux maple leaves, pinecones, berries, and a low bouquet of dahlias and lisianthus. Play up themes like “Thanksgiving Centerpieces” with a sample arrangement featuring autumnal colors and elements like berries, oranges, and decorative gourds. Installing mood lighting like string lights or candles can enhance the cozy vibe.

Promoting your fall offerings

Now that you have the flowers and arrangements, it’s time to promote your fall line-up. Here are some marketing tips:

Social Media – Post photos often showing your beautiful creations on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to reach customers digitally.

Website – Highlight your fall page with descriptions of key flowers, sample designs, and special promotions to pique online interest.

Print Ads – Run ads in local magazines, newspapers, and event programs showcasing your fall selections.

Direct Mail – Send postcards or flyers featuring seasonal specials to your customer list and local event planners.

In-Store Signage – Display savings and create an experience with window banners and signs listing your available fall offerings.

Community Events – Participate in autumn festivals, wedding shows, and any local fall festivities to directly interact with shoppers.

Remember that marketing helps move products, so promoting your fresh fall inventory as the weather cools will keep customers coming through your doors well into November and December. An extra sales push now means extra holiday revenue later too.

Maintaining supply as the season winds down

Naturally when conditions change so must your inventory of supplies to support those conditions. Be sure to have plenty of protective covers, warmers, and anti-freeze products on hand for customers. Cylinder vases, square tubes, and buckets are also nice autumn-friendly vessel options to display.

While fall is a profitable time, be strategic about replenishing dwindling stock as winter approaches. Stay attuned by:

  • Reordering popular mums, berries, and grasses in batches to avoid sellouts of top designs. Don’t forget festive accents like ribbon, twine, and jute to accent arrangements in fall’s earthy tones. 
  • Substituting with winter greens like eucalyptus, pinecones, and holly for arrangements when fall blooms disappear.
  • Encouraging pre-orders for November/December events to secure the availability of seasonal flowers before they are gone for good.
  • Transitioning displays by slowly removing fall samples and replacing them with previews of coming holiday items to keep design options fresher longer.

With advanced planning and logistics, you’ll be able to smoothly transition your inventory as one season ends and the next takes its place. This will ensure consistent product offerings for customers throughout the change of temperatures.

The Conclusion

Getting your retail space and website ready for fall ensures customers will be inspired by your seasonal displays and knowledgeable about everything you have to offer during this busy time of year. With a few simple updates, you can make the most of the floral trends that customers will be looking for as autumn arrives.

For a more enhanced workflow during the busy months and beyond, try using a floral POS system like Hana Florist POS. It will act as your manager for busy events, inventory, and accounting. Contact us today.

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