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Innovative Website Design Features For Boosting Your Floral Business

Creating a florist ecommerce website for your online florist shop is not an easy job. In order to compel visitors to make purchases, your product catalogue must be top-notch, and your delivery services should be flawless.

However, despite having all the essentials sorted out, your ecommerce site can still fail miserably, and the culprit might be your website design. Here in this article, we have shared some of the trendiest and most useful features of an ecommerce website that increases your business manifolds. Keep reading to know more.

Florist Website Design Plan and Features Includes:

1. A catchy Domain Name

One of the first things to notice on a website is the title, right? Take your time to name your business, create a logo, and a suitable URL/domain name for your florist ecommerce website. It should be unique and catchy, and at the same time, precisely describe what your business is about. Your website domain name should be something that a visitor does not forget easily.

2. Short description of your business

Your florist business website should have a section where you describe the essence and USP of your business in short. For example, if you’re a florist who operates in Texas, and romantic flower bouquets are the biggest attraction of your online shop, make sure that you describe that in a short and precise way. The description should be preferably on the homepage.

3. About Us Section

Next, include a separate page, or at least a section for sharing information about the key people in your business. The About Us page not only includes information about the people behind the business, but it also describes the story of your journey, your mission and vision, and your future goals. Make sure to use a storytelling technique to make your audience more involved.

4. CTA buttons

CTA buttons are THE most important element of your website. People visit your website and read the descriptions, surf through the product catalogue, and leave. This is up to no good until you motivate them to take an action. In most cases (specially for florist business websites), the ‘Action’ is to urge them to make a purchase. You should add CTAs like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Continue to Checkout’, ‘Discover More’, ‘Find Similar Items’, etc. throughout your website in abundance to fulfill your goal.

5. Contact information on multiple places

Another important element for your website will be the Contact Information. A visitor might have many questions or doubts about your business. Make sure that you are available for clearing them instantly. Don’t make the reader search for the Contact Info too much, or he/she might lose interest and move on. Plus, having the Contact Information visible multiple times invokes a sense of security in the minds of the visitors, because it proves that there are real people involved, and they are just a phone call/email away.

6. Fast-loading for both desktop and mobile

We cannot stress this point enough. This is technically not a feature, but it is extremely important for the success of your florist ecommerce website. Your website should be optimized for both desktop and mobile because you never know where your potential customers are going to come from. Moreover, the loading time should be minimal or it will frustrate the visitors, and they will leave and take their business somewhere else.

7. Photos and videos of your team at work

This is a very exciting feature to add. Assemble your team and capture them in action. Show how your florists are creating all these awesome bouquets and how your delivery partners are delivering happiness all over. Again, the storytelling technique works like a charm every time, and a video/photos work even better than texts. Add an emotional value to your story and see how it wins over so many customers.

8. Blog Section

For organic marketing, blog is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal. With the help of SEO, your blogs will bring in numerous customers for you. Blogs not only help you promote your florist business website organically, but it also improves your authority and credibility to a great extent.

9. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are another interesting feature for your florist website. Adding reviews and comments from previous customers help you create trust for your business. The track record of great work that you have previously done will help you in a big way to earn trust and credibility from new visitors. Studies performed by various marketing agencies show that adding a client testimonial increases your credibility by 89% and the client testimonial page is often the most visited page on an Ecommerce website. 

10. Search within the website 

People who are visiting your ecommerce website are looking for something specific. So, it makes sense to add a search button on your website to search for a particular product, service, or information. Studies also show that, people who use this function tend to make a purchase more often, or return later to complete the purchase.

11. Social Media links

Adding links or buttons to your Social Media pages is another function that you should definitely add to your website. Having people visit your social media pages will offer great benefits in your favor. For example, you can share lots of engaging and exciting content on your social media that your visitors might find interesting, and that can compel them to make a purchase. Besides, it further increases the credibility factor. Also, most people find it easier to reach out to a business through social media than any other methods.

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According to the current market trends, these are the best features to add to your florist ecommerce business. How many are you implementing? Let us know in the comments.

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