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8 Handy Apps for Florists In 2024

Why not flowers when everything else can be done with a smartphone? Even buying and delivering flowers is possible with online businesses in this digitalized environment. A florist app offers all of the features that make it easy for consumers to shop for flowers. But it isn’t an easy task for the florists after all.

Flower businesses online have seen a major hike in sales and clientele with the upsurge of internet and connectivity. As a result, the businesses that mostly catered to customers offline or in retail shops have now moved to online platforms and expanded their customer base.

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One of the most recent and noteworthy developments in the florist’s business is the florists’ apps that have now come into place, making the lives of so many businesses and buyers easier.

Best Apps for Florists In 2024

1. PictureThis

A must-have App for florists is this plant encyclopedia, PictureThis-Plant Identifier. With thousands of plants covered in their database, this app can identify anything ranging from herbs, shrubs, flowers, grasses, etc. 

All you need to do is allow the app access to use the camera on your device and take a snap of the plant or flower you’d like to recognize. And there you go, within a matter of seconds. The app’s plant descriptions include interesting facts, scientific classification, symbolism, and more. In addition, planting difficulty, planting seasons, soil requirements, watering frequency, and other factors are included in the care information.

2. FlowerChecker+

The FlowerChecker+ app is one of its kind. You can simply take a picture of an unknown flower or plant and upload it to the portal. It’s checked and identified by a professional team of experts.

What’s unique about this platform is that it’s not computerized and is purely operated by humans. For the same reason, every search you make is chargeable (1 USD) using Google app payments. If the team cannot identify the plant or flower, you will not be charged for the same. 

3 Pl@ntNet

PlantNet Plant Identification, often known as PlantNet, is an Android app that bills itself as a “plant identification image sharing and retrieval application.” It identifies plants from your smartphone’s gallery or by taking photos of a plant you want to identify using visual recognition software. 

PlantNet cannot help you identify plants not found in the database since its members add plants to it as they find them. However, researchers or people like us can identify plants or flowers that have been previously searched or added by others. 

4. Waze 

Waze is a Palo Alto-based Israeli company that creates free mapping and turn-by-turn navigation apps for iOS and Android. Despite the influx of third-party mobile mapping apps since it was founded in 2007, Waze now has 50 million users (up from 30 million in October) and has maintained a consistent growth curve.

One of the best features of Waze is that not only does it show you real-time traffic but also tells you where to get the cheapest gas.

5. Hana Florist POS

Hana Florist POS is one of the most sort-after apps for florists, and all for the right reasons. Apart from assisting you in invoicing, accounting, and sales reports, the web-based management software also allows and takes care of merchant services, Quickbooks integrations, deliveries, and orders. Moreover, it has a pretty easy-to-use interface. 

HanaFlorist POS is one of the best-rated florists’ apps for its extraordinary services, including stem counting and production tracking. 

6. Perch

Business owners and managers will find the Perch mobile app a helpful tool that allows them to track reviews, social postings, photos, and promotional offers for their companies and chosen competitors.

Consequently, tracking their digital marketing performance and evaluating it in real-time becomes pretty easy.

7. PicsArt

PicsArt Photo Studio is an extremely well-designed application that offers tonnes of features in terms of photography and editing. It is one of the best photo and video editing applications with over a billion subscribers worldwide. 

Among its many features, photo filters and photo quality enhancing options are greatly beneficial for the florist business. In addition to importing pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Dropbox, you can also create collages using those images.

8. HoneyBook

The HoneyBook is an all-in-one platform that’s basically everything you need to run your business from a single platform. Whether it’s communication with clients, payments, bookings, meetings, contracts, or even the basic day-to-day task schedule, HoneyBook helps you with it all.

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