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How Florists Can Prepare For Graduation Season?

The graduation season is almost here. And florists need to start their preparations beforehand. Being an online florist, your preparations do include stocking up on flowers for graduation. But along with it, you must focus on promoting your services, managing orders, and offering customers an enhanced experience. So, get ready to manage the graduation season rush with Hana floral POS system. 

Florist Tips to prepare for the Graduation Season

1. Get Your Flower Shopping Website Ready for Graduation Season

Flowers in graduation ceremonies are a must. So, expect a surge in your online store traffic. If your website is not equipped with the right systems, you may miss out on a lot of orders. To manage the flow of orders, set up a POS system that can work seamlessly with your website. Hana POS system will ensure managing all incoming orders through in-person pop-ups as well as through your online store or website. Giving your florist website a graduation season makeover isn’t a bad idea at all. You can try it out to attract customers. 

2. Promote Your Business with Graduation Flowers

Promotions are a must before and during any special occasion, be it graduation season, Father’s Day, or Friendship Day. One way to promote your products and services is to use images. Fill your website gallery with graduation bouquet images. You can also share the images, create reels and share them on social media channels. Other than this, offer sales promotions like discounts, gifts, free delivery, etc. Such attractive offers can pull a huge set of audience to your website. 

3. Stock up and Keep Track of Graduation Bouquet

While websites and promotions are planned, you need to focus on inventory. Firstly, stock up on the essentials. Not only is it necessary to stock flowers for a graduation ceremony, but it is also necessary to stock floral essentials like tools, sprays, foam, etc. Talk to your suppliers and ensure that they are ready to manage the increased demand for the season. Further, having a good flower POS system can help you track inventory efficiently. The risk of accepting online orders without knowing that the item has run out of stock will be reduced. 

4. Check Your Delivery Service System in Graduation Season

Being an online florist, offering a seamless delivery service is an integral part of the customer experience. No matter how beautiful and different graduation flowers colors you stock up, if your delivery service isn’t up to the mark, customers will be unhappy. So, get a POS system that can improve your delivery by enabling you to track the delivery executives, their progress or status, service, etc. Also, ensure that the POS integrates well with Google Maps. It will help you track your live deliveries, and track their time while optimizing routing. 

Considering graduation flowers meaning, different colors represent different aspects. For instance, white symbolizes respect, purity, and a fresh start. Similarly, orange and yellow express enthusiasm, joy, and optimism. 

So, when preparing for the graduation season, florists must take special care of their inventory. Stock up the flowers that are popular in graduation ceremonies. Also, ensure to offer a wide range of colors in flowers. But along with a wide product range, take care of your services as well. Integration of a florist POS system like Hana would be great to manage the graduation season rush.

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