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8 Things Florists Should Do To Book Weddings

Weddings are one of the best chances for a florist to solidify his business in the market. A wedding is a grand event where decoration plays a very important role. Being a wedding florist is not an easy job. The choice of flowers and decoration of the wedding hall creates the ambiance for the ceremony. For a florist, managing a wedding is a golden opportunity to promote his store. And also host a successful event so that he can get many more such opportunities in the future. Florist for wedding play a very important role. There are many things that create a successful wedding such as promotion, decoration, flowers, food, music, and others. Some of the things that can be done by a florist to successfully get a wedding booking are the following-

Creating an ambiance

when to book a florist for a wedding? When you want to create a happy and cheerful ambiance for the wedding. Wedding floral shops play a key role in setting up the ambiance. As they decide the flowers and decorations that would be used to light up the event. The decoration heavily affects the ambiance of a place. If you want your wedding to be cheerful you can use sunflowers. If you want the ambiance to be romantic you can use roses.

Be courteous

An owner of a wedding flower shop needs to be very courteous. As there is immense competition in the wedding florist industry. It is your innovation and courtesy that decide whether you will get a wedding booking or not. A florist always needs to understand the demands of his customer and work according to the customer’s will. He or she can even give them ideas about the decoration.

Run advertisements on wedding websites

In this era of digitalization, it is very important for a florist to run his ads on different websites for him to get bookings. There are plenty of matrimony websites. It is a very smart idea to run paid or non-paid ads on those websites as most people on those websites are looking to get married. They would need a florist for their weddings. You can get more bookings through these online matrimony websites.

Offline promotion

Along with online promotion bridal flower shops also need to do offline promotions. Things such as batteries or postcards can be an excellent way to do offline promotions. You can set up your banner in a posh area of the city and expect to get many orders as more people will see the banner. You can also publish postcards and distribute them in your locality. This way you can easily cover your local market and get more bookings.

Social media promotion

Social media promotions go a long way in this era of digitalization. Most people are active on social media, so a promotion on famous social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram can get you tons of bookings. You can get a much larger and diversified audience through social media. Many people even hire social media influencers to promote their shops as they have a much larger reach.


Many wedding florists collaborate with different event management companies to get bookings for weddings. This is an excellent way to get more bookings as most people go to the event management companies to manage their weddings. These companies and florists work together to make the event a grand success. Some of these event management companies have a great reputation in the market which helps them to get more bookings.

Maintaining standards

Maintaining proper standards can always help you to build a loyal customer base and get more bookings for weddings in the future. In the wedding florist business you always need to keep your customers satisfied or else they will go to another florist. So keeping proper standards for your flowers could be one of the best ways to keep the customer loyal and happy.

Understand the market trends

Understanding the market trends and working according to them can get you a lot more bookings for weddings. A good florist needs to understand which flowers and what kinds of decorations are trending in the market and work according to them.

Hope this blog has helped you to know those 8 things florists should do to book weddings. For more information regarding your florist shop, contact Hana Florist POS today.

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