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Flower Shop SEO Tips to Help Florists Get Found Online

Flowers play an essential role in how we communicate with one another. We often give bouquets to loved ones to celebrate a major achievement, recognize a milestone event, or express feelings of sympathy, friendship, and emotional support. From weddings and birthdays to funerals and “just because” occasions, most of us rely on flowers to do the talking, and that’s why flower shop is considered an essential business nowadays.

Not surprisingly, there are now more than 33,000 floral businesses operating throughout the United States. And while many businesses across all industries struggled due to the effects of COVID-19, the pandemic is predicted to result in the floral industry’s largest single-year revenue numbers in recent years. 

That means that the demand for fresh flower arrangements is most certainly there. And with consumers turning to the internet to find high-quality florists both in their area and across the country, it’s more important than ever for online flower shop owners to utilize flower shop SEO tips. Improved SEO for florists is one of the most important aspects of your business because it determines the chances for you to get found online. Search engine optimization can allow web users to more readily find your business online — and if you want to build on your current momentum, it’s essential that you turn to digital marketing. Here are just a few flower shop SEO tips you can use to grow your business in 2022.

Top SEO Tips For Florists

1. Claim (and Update) Your Google My Business Listing

Local SEO for florist is particularly important for independent online florists. Rather than trying to appeal to customers across the country, you can focus your efforts on being discovered by consumers in your immediate area. Since there’s a push among individuals to support small businesses within their own communities right now, it makes sense to target customers who live nearby and get found online by them.

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One of the best ways to ensure your flower shop is seen by web users in your area is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing. This can allow your business to show up in the map pack or in other areas of search engine results pages more readily. While you should still focus on improving the ranking of your individual pages, your GMB listing can increase your overall visibility and brand awareness, particularly for those who are looking for the closest results. On your listing, you can adjust your operating hours and services, share updates with customers, and post photos and contact information — all without requiring extra clicks to your site. Your GMB listing will make it even easier for you to communicate with customers and show up on their radar.

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2. Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Content

In order for any website to rank well in Google, it’s important to provide useful content that web users will see as valuable. That’s why florists need to create web copy, blog posts, and other kinds of content that provides solutions or interesting information that others will be compelled to share. As part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to create and share fresh content on a regular basis.

But it’s also important that you optimize that content properly. That involves selecting and utilizing the right flower keywords, which can tell both Google and web users a lot about your business and what you offer. Having the right density of keywords for florist website and related topics is important. For flower shop SEO, in particular, it’s a good idea to use long-tail keywords. Instead of targeting “online flowers” or “florist,” you might consider choosing longer, more specific keywords that more adeptly capture user intent. Something like “flower shops in Milford CT” or “organic flower arrangements” may have a lower search volume, but those customers who do a search for those terms will be more ready to buy. You’ll need to conduct some keyword research to find the best options for your business, but don’t dismiss less broad keywords as being somehow less worthy. These long-tail keywords for florist website, online flower shops, and online flower shopping related topics will play the most vital role in determining your SEO ranking.

Example of Perfect SEO Compatibility Website

3. Improve Your Website Experience For Users

Improving the look and feel of your website is one of the most important florist marketing ideas for you. A lot of people think that search engine optimization is all about the words on your site. But remember that the experience your site provides — both for web users and for Google’s bots — can play a major role in your rankings, traffic, and sales. 

Prospective customers will be quick to give up on a website that doesn’t function properly. So you’ll want to make sure that your site is speedy, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Your site should also provide compelling images of your arrangements and offer in-depth information that customers need for decision-making. And while aesthetics do matter, don’t sacrifice functionality for a slick-looking site. You’ll need to balance both in order to convince consumers to take the next step.

How to Get Help With Your Flower Shop SEO?

Ultimately, many florists find that they need help with their digital marketing. That’s the case with all kinds of business owners. In order to keep operations running smoothly, it’s imperative that they have a team that can handle their online promotion.

Working with a Florist SEO agency can ensure that you have compelling, well-optimized content published regularly on your site and that you’re targeting the keywords that align with your goals. A digital marketing firm can also make sure that your site provides the best possible experience for web users in 2022. 

Marketing your floral business is essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. By following these tips and entrusting a reliable partner to execute your marketing strategy on your behalf, you can increase brand visibility, web traffic, and revenue for your flower business.

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