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Hana POS and a free florist website: An offer no florist can refuse

With the slower months behind us, flowers shop owners can be found in the back of their stores clearing out spaces and clutter as they prepare for the busy season up ahead. Jewish moms will be doted over with flowers for Yom Kippur this month and Canadian florists will prepare themselves for Thanksgiving which sees Canadian homes decorated with beautiful fall bouquets. With all the preparations and cleaning up going on, it might be time to consider getting a new florist website, or even better, how about a free florist website to end the year with a bang?

Before we know it, the busy season is truly upon us with the months of October, November and December being of the most demanding on American and Canadian florists. This is also the time of year when flower shops across North America typically hire an extra hand to help service an influx of customers. And to commiserate this year’s busy season, Hana Florist POS is giving flower shops the best helping hand they could ask for.

Say hello to your new online business address

Hana is offering US and Canadian florists an amazing chance to massively reduce their time, resources and budget with a free, stunning customized website for their business. This amazing offer includes a bevy of benefits to American and Canadian florists looking to kick off the busy season with a bang.


florist website


Choose from a range of florist websites that are unique with a clear break away from the countless generic templates we see on the web. We’ve taken great care to give every florist an online space they can be proud of and happy to call their digital business address. Turn your website into an ecommerce powerhouse with a great user experience that will see customers return to your store again and again. Showcase your work in your unique style and let people see how your creativity sets you apart from the hundreds of 1-800 flower shop websites we see too much of.


free florist website


We didn’t just make having a website free and easy, we’ll also make sure your flower shop gets found online with expert SEO and online marketing services to make your brand stand out. Team Hana will help you get local brand traction and also make sure your outreaches to customers are as effective as they can be. Within a few weeks you’ll start to see the traction a new, interactive and virtually no-cost website can create for your business and bottom lines. In fact, we’ve seen some of our customers increase web traffic by more than 50% since taking us up on this amazing offer.


florist website


Hana Bud: Meet your website’s ideal side kick

With your new website generating business on a consistent basis you’ll be taking more orders and managing more moving parts than before. This means having every advantage at your disposal to kick your flower shop into higher gear and beating out big flower companies and convenience stores. And that’s what makes this special offer to US and Canadian florists really special, we’re offering you free access to our Hana POS Bud Plan when you sign up for your website.


free florist werbsite


Hana Bud gives you a host of benefits that few other point of sale systems can, and it’s only our Tier 1 plan! With Hana Bud, florists get a free flower shop POS that allows them to easily manage walk-in customers as their website automatically churns out orders. Integrate with all the usual wire services without breaking a sweat and speed up your payments with Hana’s cutting-edge payment technology and partnerships with companies like Clearent. Our collaboration with Clearent gives florists unmatched security and transparency with respect to credit card payments and we keep all your data safe in the cloud.


Free florist website


But there’s more. Hana Bud allows you to easily track your orders and map the most efficient routes for your drivers. Our Tier 1 Plan is ideal for the single store owner looking to rev things up and start slugging it out with bigger competitors. We also provide expert phone and email support and make sure you get the most out of Hana Bud and your new website by ensuring you are happy every step of the way — that’s the Hana way.

Are you ready to kick your business into higher gear?

We knew you’d agree, a free and beautiful website with 100% free access to our Hana Bud Plan is an offer no florist can refuse. Kick off the busy season with this amazing offer to US and Canadian florists and watch your business bloom in just a short few weeks. Our team of POS experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have. We know you probably have a few but don’t worry, this offer might sound too good to be true but it is, so get in touch with us today and get your website and free Hana POS account started in no time. Keep on blooming!

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