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Get Serious with a Branded Email Address for Your Floral Business

Okay florists, check out these jaw-dropping stats on business-to-consumer emails. “Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.”

Here’s another one for you, “77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email instead of text, direct mail or even social media.”

And here’s another for good measure, “Over 14 billion spam emails are sent out to unsuspecting inboxes on a daily basis.”

As a florist, you might be wondering what these stats mean to you since email marketing isn’t exactly what keeps you busy all day. Well, the truth is that email is a super effective way for you to generate more direct orders for your flower shop.

Are you nailing direct orders with your email outreaches?

Reason why Florist Need Branded Email Address

The reason for this is that people love getting emails from brands they trust. What’s more, people get all warm and fuzzy when those emails contain insider tips, updates on trends, special deals or personalized offers that you’ve curated just for them.

Okay, so back to those stats we mentioned earlier, the one about SPAM more precisely. The reason we mention it is that an unbelievably large percentage of florists still use their personal email addresses to double as their business email. Does that sound like you…?

If it does, then you’re probably not one of the many brands who cash in on people’s receptiveness towards emails from the brands they know and trust? Why? Because nothing is more unprofessional or unrepresentative of your business than a personal email address.

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So what makes a Yahoo or Gmail address such a big no-no?

People are generally far more prone to spend money when they receive emails with offers from brands they trust. But you know what? Many of the people who “don’t get emails” with irresistible deals probably don’t fork out because many emails directed at them end up in their junk and spam folders.

And that could include yours if you’re still using your personal email address. But not only that. Even the slightest suspicion that your email might be unsolicited will make almost any reader slam dunk your outreach straight into their trash folders.


Don’t let readers slam dunk your email straight into the trash!

That’s right, even if your email managed to avoid all the forbidding spam filters that are policing the net, nothing gives a wily Outlook reader more reason to trash your email than suspecting it of being unsolicited messaging from an exiled Nigerian prince or some fly by night company who bought your name off a list.

Using personal emails for your brand simply put, is bad for business since it runs the risk of being associated with actual junk and spam content that, unfortunately, still make up a large portion of the internet.

Take your brand equity back

The one thing about personal emails that double as your business addresses is that is robs you of valuable brand equity. Not only does your personal email have to duck and dive to avoid SPAM filters, but it they also have far less of a chance of being read by your audience.

There’s that, and the fact that personal emails also look crappy when compared to a snazzy business one. Don’t believe us? See here.

A typical personal address: johndoe@gmail.com

A business email address: johndoe@floralheart.com

It should be pretty clear to anyone that the latter email address has far more credibility, appeal and legitimacy than the non-branded email. And doesn’t a name like Floral Heart just sound so much better than forcing people to remember yet another “gmail” address? The world needs more color folks, let’s not be generic versions of things we’re actually not.

Take your brand seriously and your customers might also.

Anyway, the point we’re making here is that that your personal email address doesn’t carry any of the brand value, trustworthiness and familiarity a professional email address does. So now that we can all agree that using your gmail, yahoo, msn or any kind of personal email address in your business is a bad idea, let’s get you hooked up with one that says, “Hello world!”

Setting up a branded email address is quick and easy

Thought it was difficult to get your own snazzy branded email address? Far from it! The very first place to start would be your website. Why? Because if you have a website for your floral business then you basically already have access to a branded email address.

Email addresses are associated with the domain names they belong to and every Floral business website has one.

For example, www.floralheart.com is the website address for that particular site, which means setting up an email address like johndoe@floralheart.com for it should be a simple case of having your hosting company set it up for you.

You could even have your hosting company forward all emails addressed to your branded email to your current personal address. This will allow you to continue working from inside your Gmail or Yahoo mailboxes while still receiving email on your branded account. Oh the wonders of technology!

So there you have it folks. If you’e still using personal email to send customers deals and your responses are meager to say the least, you may just have found the solution the lack of direct orders that should come as a result, so get on the phone and get that branded email sorted, pronto!

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