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Introduction to Google Ads: Florist Marketing

Promoting florist business can get easier with Google AdWords. Though it is not a free marketing tool, it can work wonders to bring traffic to your flower shop website

As a local florist, you can use Google Ads to:

  • Enhance your online presence, 
  • Drive traffic, and 
  • Increase your order volume in your preferred delivery area. 

What is Google AdWords?

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) is a marketing tool owned by Google. The application makes marketing easier by pulling in traffic to websites with the use of keywords. It enables users to customize ad campaigns and converts click to sales. 

When to Use Google Ads?

If you are a local florist striving to be seen amidst the stiff competition, you can use this powerful marketing tool to create florist ads. According to research, the daily searches on Google are 8.5 billion. That means, Google processes over 99000 searches every second. And using Google Ads marketing, your business can appear in the search results.

Google Ads allows you to stand out from your competitors. It makes your ads effectively visible despite the prevailing competition. Using Google Ads, you can also increase your florist marketing efforts by increasing the ad budget during major events like Friendship Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, etc. 

Besides, the tool can also be helpful to compete effectively daily. Once you pull new customers with the help of ads, you can turn them into loyal customers with your service.

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Understanding Google Ads Budget/ Bidding

Google Ads may seem daunting initially. But once you start using the tool, you will get the hang of it. Here are a few important aspects of Google Bidding/ Budget.

  • Manual bidding – This option lets you control your cost-per-click. It enables users to set the bid at the ad group level. Thus, you can bid as per your desire for the clicks you want.
  • Automated bidding – This is the best bidding option to start with. If you are a beginner, set a daily budget and let Google Ads adjust your cost-per-click to ensure maximum clicks within the set budget.
  • Daily budget – Google Ads charges per click. Remember to set a low daily budget (within $10) because paying high amounts for each click may increase your overall costs without much outcome.

Understanding the Keywords Research

When you are all set to start your Google Ads campaign, you will need a list of the keywords to reach your target customers. Your keywords will be related to the florist industry. But they have to be the keywords that have the most searches.

Once you bid for the most searched keywords, your flower shop advertisements will pop up when your potential customers use the keywords to search for florists. You can use Keyword Planner (in your Ads tool) to look for the most searched keywords related to the florist industry. 

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Getting Started with Google Ads

For optimizing florist ads, AdWords is the best tool you have. First sign in to your Google Ads account. If you’re new complete the setup. 

  • Choose your goal from the options provided – Should customers call you, or visit your website or store?
  • Pick the campaign location – provide the geographic location your campaign will cover
  • Define products/services – Choose the language, products, and audience
  • Ad creation – Create the ad. Stay relevant to the industry and use florist keywords
  • Set budget – Set a low daily and monthly budget
  • Review ad – Check the ad setting and ensure everything is correct
  • Pick the payment method – Enter the payment information and you have successfully created your Google Ads campaign.

So, Google AdWords is not really as complicated as you thought, right? If you follow these simple steps and strategies, you will be able to use it to your advantage and gain a lot of profit from it.

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