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Grow your business with the best florist POS around

The statistics indicating the survival rate of the American small business can make any would-be flower shop owner reconsider his/her dreams of owning their own establishment one day. North American flower shop owners, in particular, find themselves in uncertain terrain as the age of digitization seems to upset virtually every apple cart there is.

It’s become a case of diversify or die as customers expect more value for their dollar and look to brands who can serve their increasingly fickle needs. But the truth is that taking your business to the next phase in its growth shouldn’t be a case of keeping up with your customer. Flower shop owners know all too well that resting on your laurels can leave you on the back foot when the competition makes a move.

Case in point; the North American floral industry has been seriously disrupted by the mass importation of products from cheaper growers, coupled with the onslaught of big corporation flower companies that are gobbling the market.

With recent history reminding us that change waits for no one, how does an independent florist expand his/her business to keep things fresh, diverse and value-based for the modern customer? How do we keep up with a modern market that’s always changing? By investing in a business solution that goes far beyond the sale, that’s how.

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Time to expand operations? No problem.

With Hana florist POS, florists are able to start small and grow when the time is right. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and throw out your old investments if you’re an existing Hana Bud customer. If store number two, three or four, for that matter, is on your expansion plans, simply upgrade to Hana Blossom or Bouquet plans and get all the functions you need to scale your business.

Hana Blossom offers flower shop owners features like multiple computer support, automatic card printing and even tighter integrations with wire services. Also, with Hana Blossom you get all the features of our Bud plan plus a stunning proposal module that lets you put together impressive proposals for events.

best florist POS

The Hana florist POS proposal module is the perfect tool for expanding your flower shop business to include events in and around your area. With our proposal module you can put together visually stunning and comprehensive pitches for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. You can also give your customers a detailed costing of your services and give them a list of selections they can choose to make that special event one for the books.

If your expansion plans involve taking on the big guns, then look no further than Hana Bouquet; a plan for flower shop owners looking to compete with large flower companies. Our Bouquet plan includes all the benefits florists enjoy with Blossom with an added array of functions.

Advanced marketing tools, email campaigns for up to 1000 contacts, a super-handy customer portal that gives your house accounts access to their billing and order information, access to our fully functional mobile app and even more integrations make Hana Bouquet the ultimate florist POS solution.

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But wait, there’s more

Choose any Hana plan and get a beautiful, responsive, user friendly florist website that’s designed to drive more customers to your business. Our website products stand apart from the countless generic florist websites we see today and gives you brand a real punch. Make sure you read more about our FREE website product here and see why more North American flower shop owners are flocking to Hana florist POS.

When it comes to running a busy flower shop business you need tools that let you do more in less time, while keeping costs sensible and your customer base on the rise. Hana lets you do all this and more with a complete business solution designed for your success. To learn about our different plans and how we can help you position your florist business for success, check out our pricing and features here.


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