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A Guide for Florists Selling Floral Arrangements Online

For florists looking to leverage the power of the internet to grow their businesses, selling floral arrangements online can offer numerous benefits. Among the key advantages are the much larger potential customer base, the convenience and round-the-clock access afforded by e-commerce, as well as lower overhead costs compared to maintaining a physical storefront. However, transitioning from a traditional florist shop to an online business model also entails a number of important considerations. Here are some ways to get started

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1. Build a Flowers eCommerce Website

Creating an online store to sell flowers and arrangements is a smart business move for florists. With proper planning and setup, an e-commerce florist store can help you expand your reach and sales. Here are the essential steps to build a successful flower online business:

Website for Florist

Website for Florist

1.1 Create your online store

The first step is to choose an e-commerce platform to build your store on. They offer:

  • Product catalog creation – List all your floral products and arrangements.
  • Checkout and payment processing – Allow customers to pay online.
  • Customizable themes – Choose a design that suits your brand.
  • Order and inventory management – Track your products stock.
  • Shipping integration – Pair with shipping carriers like USPS.

Make sure to choose a theme that matches your branding and is easy for customers to navigate. Create professional product photos that highlight your high-quality flowers and arrangements. Customers make purchasing decisions in under 3 seconds based on visuals, so great images are important.

1.2 Set up your Occasion pages

Create targeted occasion pages for your most popular products: roses for Valentine’s Day, mixed bouquets for Mother’s Day, spring floral arrangements, and wedding flowers.

On these occasion pages, add:

  • Images of arrangements for that specific occasion
  • Descriptions of your design philosophy for that type of arrangement
  • Product recommendations and bundling options
  • A seasonal call to action to shop for that occasion

These pages help customers easily find what they need for special events.

1.3 Set up your product pages

For each individual floral product or arrangement, add a detailed product page with:

  • Multiple high-resolution images
  • A description of the flowers used
  • Details on customization options and upgrades available
  • Dimensions and vase not included
  • Shipping and delivery information

Product pages give customers all the key information they need to decide to buy. Make sure to include as many details as possible and use visuals to clearly communicate what customers will receive.

2. Smart Floral Marketing Ideas

Floral Marketing Ideas

Floral Marketing Ideas

For florists looking to expand their reach online, there are plenty of smart floral marketing ideas they can employ. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

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2.1 Optimize for Search Engines using SEO Strategies

Optimize your website for search engines by including relevant keywords in page titles, URLs, headings, and content. SEO for Florist helps people find your business when they search for terms related to your products and services. Focus your SEO efforts on keywords related to flowers, floral arrangements, and your specific area. Regularly add fresh content to your website to give search engines new information to index.

2.2 Reach Customers through Personalized Email Marketing

Collect email addresses from customers on your website and build an email list. Send regular newsletters highlighting your latest floral arrangements, seasonal specials, and timely offers. Customers who love your arrangements will look forward to your emails and may purchase again through them. Personalized email campaigns tailored to individual customers based on past purchases can boost repeat buying.

2.3 Boost Visibility with Google and Facebook Ads

Create Google Ads and Facebook ads customized for your business. Target customers based on location, interests, and demographics. Run ads for special events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other gift-giving occasions when flower sales typically increase. Online ads can help you reach new customers actively searching for floral gifts and arrangements.

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2.4 Build an Online Presence with Social Media Platforms

Create business profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Post pictures of your beautiful floral creations and share relevant content about flowers and the floral industry. Go live periodically to show customers how you create arrangements and answer their questions in real-time. Engage and interact with followers to build a sense of community around your brand.

2.5 Collaborate with Local Influencers for Exposure

Reach out to local influencers in your area like lifestyle bloggers and wedding photographers. Offer to send them floral arrangements in exchange for a review and social media mentions. Partner with relevant influencers with audiences interested in flowers. Influencer marketing can efficiently boost your brand awareness and generate new customers.

2.6 Focusing Marketing Efforts within Your Local Community

Prioritize marketing efforts within your local area and surrounding communities. Locals who cannot visit your physical store are more likely to buy arrangements from you online. Make it easy for local customers to find and purchase from you digitally. Attend and advertise at local events to build name recognition within your target communities.

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3. Get Listed with NAP Strategy

Florist Google my Business Profile

Florist Google my Business Profile

Listing your floral shop online with an accurate business name, address, and phone number gives it legitimacy and helps customers find you. Make sure all your listings have consistent business name, address, and phone number. Here are the main listings you should target:

3.1 Google My Business 

Google My Business is essential for local SEO and getting discovered on Google Maps and Search. Create a free GMB listing and claim ownership by verifying it with a postcard or phone call from Google. Fill out all the details like business name, address, phone, website, services offered, store photos, hours of operation, etc. Respond to customer reviews and requests.

3.2 Yelp 

Yelp is a major source of customer reviews so it’s important to be listed. Again, use a consistent business name, address, and phone number. Claim your free business listing and fill out the details. Monitor for reviews and respond promptly. Over time, more reviews will help your Yelp profile and credibility.

3.3 Floral Marketplaces 

Select relevant online marketplaces like SnapBlooms, that is specialized in floral delivery. Create a floral shop profile with photos of your work, detailed descriptions of your services, pricing, and policies. Update designs and promotions regularly to keep the listings fresh.

4. Update Information and Collect Floral Business Reviews

It’s important to keep your business listings up to date with any changes to your information like a new address, phone number, services offered, or store hours. When customers leave reviews on your listings, respond to them publicly to show appreciation and resolve any issues they mention. Over time, more positive reviews will boost your credibility and visibility in search results.

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5. Get Ready for Everyday Occasions

Florist pricing for customers

There will always be holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries throughout the year, but you’ll also want to prepare for the everyday occasions that become opportunities to sell floral arrangements.

5.1 Be Smart With Your Floral Supply

Always have an adequate supply of different types of flowers, greenery, and vases in stock. Make sure you have the basics covered – roses, carnations, tulips, lilies, orchids, etc. Have a variety of greens to go with the flowers – eucalyptus, ferns, baby’s breath, and more. And offer different styles and sizes of vases. When customers know they can depend on you for their floral needs anytime, you’ll earn their loyalty and repeat business.

5.2 Bundle Up Products

For convenience, offer bundled arrangements in a variety of price ranges for everyday occasions – Get Well, Congratulations, Thinking of You, and Just Because bouquets. Having these options ready to go means customers can order flowers last minute and count on you for quick delivery. The bundles also allow you to offer flowers at multiple price points to appeal to different budgets.

5.3 Make Seasonal Floral Bouquets

Tailor your bouquets to the current season – spring arrangements with tulips and daffodils, summer with colorful mixed flowers, fall with chrysanthemums, and winter featuring holly and poinsettias. Customers often turn to flowers to bring some joy and vibrancy into their homes during different times of the year. Your seasonal options can help capture that desire.

5.4 Focus on Customer Management

Treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to build relationships. Ask about anniversaries, birthdays, and other events coming up. Offer to be the “go-to florist” for those occasions. Send handwritten thank you notes after fulfilling orders. Make follow-up calls to customers to ensure they were satisfied with their experience. Your customer management strategy will help keep customers coming back throughout the year for all their floral needs.

6. Offer Occasion sales and Price right

Pricing floral products

Pricing floral products

Offering discounts and sales is a great way to boost your online floral business. You can offer occasional and seasonal sales to attract more customers. Some florists also offer standing discounts for loyal customers, members, or signed-up subscribers. Here are some tips:

  • Create an occasion sale– Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries are some big floral arrangement shopping days. Offer 10-20% discounts during these occasions to drive more sales. You can promote your sales on social media and email newsletters to get the word out.
  • Run seasonal sales- Offer floral arrangement discounts based on the season. For example, offer spring discounts during March and April or fall bouquet sales from September to November. Customers are already in the mood to buy flowers during certain times of the year.
  • Offer first-time customer discounts- A 10% to 15% discount code for new customers can entice them to make that first purchase from you. They are likely to return in the future if they have a good first experience.
  • Set up loyalty programs – Offer tiered discounts for customers as they make more purchases. For example, 5% off after 2 orders, 10% off after 5 orders, and 15% off after 10 orders. This rewards your most loyal customers.
  • Have delivery charge promos – Customers may hesitate to order if delivery fees are high. Offer free or reduced delivery during your sales. Customers value convenience and will appreciate not having to pay $10-$15 extra for delivery.
  • Combine offers – Bundle an arrangement discount with free delivery for maximum impact. Or offer a discount on multiple arrangements. The more valuable your promotion, the more likely customers are to take advantage of it.

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The Conclusion

We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to successfully sell floral arrangements online as a florist. The key is having an efficient system in place to manage your orders, inventory, and customer communication. 

An all-in-one Floral point-of-sale system like Hana Florist POS can really help with that. By streamlining your checkout, inventory management, and customer lookups, you can spend less time on admin tasks and more time creating beautiful floral designs. Check today!

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