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How To Become A Florist: Step By Step Guide

Ever been in awe of the exquisitely placed bouquets in a flower shop display as you were passing by? Maybe you are inclined to craft with natural materials or add your own creative touch to décor and presents. If so, becoming a florist can be the ideal line of work for you. 

In floral design, one must use imagination, precision, and a love of plants to create one-of-a-kind flower arrangements and displays that uplift others. We will look at what it takes to become a successful florist in this guide, including the education requirements, routes to experience, opportunities to run a company, and more.

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Is working in floral design your line of work?

Working with live plants and flowers every day is part of the job description for a florist. It requires creativity, but care, and an insatiable drive to better people’s lives. As a florist, your job will be to create floral arrangements and displays for special occasions like weddings and events, but, keep in mind that your clients find the perfect flowers for their personal tastes and needs. Thus, if you like creating wonders with plants, crafting visuals, and making people happy, then a job in floristry might be really fulfilling for you.

Key benefits of working in the floral industry

There are several advantages to working as a florist:

Creative Freedom

You will be able to freely express your creativity on a daily basis as a florist through flower arrangements – because no two arrangements are ever the same.

Improved Botany Skills

Working with flowers teaches you about plant care, and you will become knowledgeable about the meanings and histories behind different blooms.

Artistic Outlet

Floral design allows you to showcase your artistic talents. Every arrangement is a chance to showcase what you can do.

Variety of Projects

From weddings to funerals to corporate events, there is never a dull day in floristry. You will work on many different types of projects.

Keen Eye for Beauty

Those in floristry have an appreciation for natural aesthetics and all the beauty plants can bring to our world.

Business Ownership Potential

There is an opportunity to own your own floral shop if you wish to be your own boss down the road.

How to get started in floral design with zero experience

If you want to pursue floristry as a career but have no experience yet, here are some recommended steps to get your start:

1. Volunteer at a Local Florist Shop

Offer your time for free in exchange for hands-on learning. Help with basic tasks like arranging smaller arrangements.

2. Take Floral Design Classes

Many adult education programs, community colleges, and floral supply stores offer classes to learn the basics of floral artistry.

3. Consider a Floristry Certificate

Short certificate programs are available online or in person and give a solid foundation for an entry-level job.

4. Look for Internships

Seek out seasonal or part-time internships with established florists to build up your portfolio and references.

5. Read Floral Design Books

Educate yourself on design principles, types of flowers, and care methods through books and online guides.

6. Practice at Home

Experiment with designing arrangements of your own to improve your techniques. Ask family and friends for feedback.

With focused effort in these areas, you can gain the initial experience needed to seek an entry-level job at a floral shop. You might decide later on to enroll in more certification courses.

What qualifications are needed to be a professional florist?

While hands-on experience is very valuable, there are no universal certification requirements to be a florist in most places. However, having the following qualifications will help you succeed:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Completion of a floristry certificate program is beneficial but often not necessary.
  • Artistic design and creative thinking abilities are a big plus.
  • Strong knowledge of botany, cut flower care, and plant identification.
  • Proficiency with related tools like shears, wire, tape, and floral foam.
  • People skills for working with clients and coordinating projects.
  • Physical stamina for tasks like heavy lifting of flower shipments and long days on your feet.
  • Basic business skills if starting your own shop like budgeting, inventory, and bookkeeping.
  • Willingness to continually learn new skills through additional training as trends change.

While individual employers may have their own preferred qualifications for certain roles, the key is showing initiative, passion, and proficiency you gain through education and hands-on job experience over time.

Is owning your own flower business the right choice for you?

For those seeking the independence that comes with being your own boss, starting a floral shop may sound appealing. However, it’s a big step and not the right path for everyone. Consider these aspects carefully:

Financial Investment

You will need startup capital for leasing a storefront, equipment, supplies, licenses, and operating costs before revenue comes in.

Long Hours

As the owner, you will work much longer days than a typical employee, especially in the early growth stage. Be ready to sacrifice personal time.

Business Management Skills

You will need skills like accounting, sales, and hiring practices that may be new to learn on top of floral design skills. Consider business courses.

Marketing Your Brand

Stand out against local competition through strategic marketing, social media use, and building a loyal customer base.


Be willing to adjust your business model based on shifting market trends, costs of goods, and customer demands over time for long-term viability.

Hard Work Ethic

Building a successful business from the ground up takes ambition, determination, and the ability to handle stress. There will be challenges along the way.

Owning a business can be quite rewarding for people who want the most control and income. However, ensure that you have the resources and business savvy necessary to get off to a great start and weather the inevitable ups and downs. Starting small at a local shop first may allow you to better assess if ownership is the right next step for you down the road once experienced.

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