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Hana and Clearent partner up to bring florists an even better experience!

Great news! We’re excited to tell you that Hana Florist POS is partnering with Clearent to bring state-of-the-art, integrated credit card processing services to all our valued customers across the country! Our partnership with Clearent takes our journey to bringing florists the best point of sale solution into new and exciting places.

Integration lies at the heart of the Hana/Clearent partnership. Our mission is to help florists reduce the overheads associated with payment processing, streamline transactions and give you and your customers a better experience with cutting-edge payment solutions.

About Clearent

Clearent has been providing fast, transparent card payment solutions to businesses for over a decade. The company’s commitment to quality and customer service is at the centre of its vision and daily operations. Constantly pushing the forefront of digital payments, Clearent’s payment technology suite was built, “from the ground up.”

This leader in payments is the ideal partner for Hana Florist POS. Both companies share a passion for helping their customers and are the proud owners of the technologies they’ve built. 

Florists benefit from our new exciting partnership:

A single payment solution: Run your business from a single interface with Hana Florists POS and Clearents’ seamless integration. Never duplicate financial information again and eliminate making critical mistakes with your data.

A secure business tool: Store sensitive credit card information in a secure database and never worry about it ending up in the wrong hands. Ensure your business complies with PCI regulations with a payment system that is safe and secure.

Faster payments: Reduce checkout times with Quick Chip for EMV and give your customers the option to pay with their smartphones via their choice of Android, Apple or Google payment app. Clearent also lets you create customer profiles for easy identification, checkouts and loyalty rewards.

Eliminate payment fees: Use Clearent’s payment gateway and avoid processing fees and never do online payments again. This means no more Authorize.net accounts! Also, Clearent let’s you enroll in their Next Day Funding service, allowing you to fund next-business day payroll and inventory purchases.

24/7 support and reporting: Rely on around-the-clock support staff available to help you with any issues or queries. You can also access your statements in easy-to-read format at anytime for detailed charges and breakdowns.

Hana Florist POS just got a whole lot better!

When it comes to running a busy flower shop, few things can hamstring your business more than paper-heavy processes. Also, for customers, paying for flowers shouldn’t dampen the experience of buying a beautiful bouquet. Hana Florist POS let’s you focus your energies where they matter most; tending to your stems, engaging your customers, growing your brand and letting your creativity run wild.

Our partnership with Clearent is geared to give you even more freedom to run your business your way. We encourage all Hana Florist POS customers to learn more about the benefits of our new integration with Clearent and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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