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Another HANA florist POS success story

In the spirit of keeping things on an even keel we decided to let one of our valued customers do the talking for a change. This article is one of many Hana florist POS success stories that demonstrates how we’re making an impact in the lives of flower shop owners across the U.S. It makes us proud to know that Hana Florist POS is helping both new and established florists find their way in a crowded market space with solutions that are designed specifically with them in mind.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Plantation Flowers, who we’ve had the privilege of partnering with since 2010. Check out how Plantation Flowers’ owner, Jeff Thompson, about how he came to discover and fall in love with Hana Florist POS. Enjoy.

Florist Shop: Plantation Flower Shop

Customer Name: Jeff Thompson

The Challenge: Customer inherited an old POS system from the previous owner

After discovering that the point of sale system that I inherited from the previous owner of my new flower shop was a Teleflora Daisy POS, I immediately felt out of touch with it. As a new business owner, I prepared a thorough checklist of expectations from my POS system, since I heard many stories from other florists about the drawbacks of older systems compared to newer ones.

Hana florist POS

One of the most common complaints about older POS systems I heard was that they require a fair bit of maintenance, while not always giving you all the tools you need to keep track of the everyday goings-on involved in running a busy flower shop.

This was something I intended to avoid as I knew my time and resources would be in high demand, and short supply.

It was time to explore other options

I knew that there were features I wanted in my POS solution that I simply couldn’t do without. I wanted a system that could

  • Give me the freedom to focus on my new shop
  • Provide a complete solution that would save me from drowning in tech gear
  • Provide me with the support I needed.

Since investing in the wrong point of sale system can be costly in more ways than one, discovering Hana Florist POS couldn’t have happened at a better time. Hana Florist POS met all my requirements with a full suite of features designed to make running a busy flower shop simple.

The system comes with a web-based interface that gives you access to your store from anywhere, a fully-fledged CRM module, an A/R and House Account Module along with Delivery and Design Management add-ons.

Hana Florist POS was the right choice

Since signing up with Hana Florist POS about a year ago, I not only have access to all the tools I need to run my growing business, but I enjoy great support from their staff, quick and seamless system improvements and a host of features and add-ons that make the system a comprehensive solution for my busy flower shop. With the Hana Florist POS system, florists have a solution that is designed with an understanding of what it takes to run a budding florist business.

Hana florist POS

At Hana florist POS, we understand the challenges involved in making a success in the flower industry. With years of experience in the industry, we developed a complete flower shop solution that centralizes all your daily tasks: from delivery and dispatch management to taking orders from your mobile device, Hana Florist POS brings all the moving parts of a busy flower shop together under in one solution. Click here to see Hana in action today.

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