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HanaViewers: A busy flower shop owner’s best friend

Having started out as a florist business, Hana Florist POS is intimately aware of the ins and outs of running a busy flower shop and the unique challenges florists face to keep their doors open and the business profitable. This is why we’re so proud of the value that our mobile app is bringing to the florist community.

HanaViewers is giving florists the power of mobility to run their stores more efficiently and stay in touch with the business as if they were physically present. Currently in its 8th iteration, HanaViewers is constantly updated to ensure that you have all the tools you need to make running your business a seamless experience. Here’s a closer look at how HanaViewers is giving florists unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

A mobile logistics tool in your back pocket

Making sure deliveries are on time every time is an important part of the everyday running of your business. An hour late can mean a ruined birthday or anniversary and less than stellar flowers. Keep tabs on your precious cargo with HanaViewers by tracking deliveries as soon as they leave your store. The app allows florists to view the progress of deliveries as drivers navigate their routes. HanaViewers comes with GPS mapping which gives you updated information of your deliveries and allows you to manage drivers on the road and keep customers updated on any changes in delivery times.


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Delivery confirmation with a smile

Drivers can also use HanaViewers on their devices. The app lets your drivers sign off on deliveries with a photo of your happy customers and an electronic signature feature let’s you know that yet another satisfied customer received their flowers. This is really useful for florists who are shifting gear and getting in more orders. New florists, if you think keeping one or two regulars happy is a breeze, wait until your business really starts blooming and orders are coming in thick and fast. HanaViewers is designed to keep the busy flower shop owner on top of his/her orders by staying you in the loop and in touch with both your staff and customers.


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A detailed log of your business

HanaViewers keeps a historic record of your dispatch information. This includes drivers’ details, invoice numbers associated with orders, source of orders (email, phone, website, etc.), delivery times, route numbers and more. This data is incredibly useful to the discerning business owner who might be looking to introduce more efficiencies into his/her operations. Keep in mind that vehicle maintenance and staff salaries are of the highest financial overheads for most florists. Being able to study the data pertaining to your deliveries and the resource-expense to the business will help you identify areas for improvement and overall cost reduction.


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Multiple logins for a growing business

HanaViewers accommodates the budding flower shop business by giving florists the tools they need to thrive. Use multiple logins to grant dispatch staff access to the system and control access according to job descriptions. Make sure all employees use the app according to their roles (driver, dispatch manager, shop assistant, etc.) and share updates on orders and deliveries to keep the business ticking over predictably.


One app for all your devices

We’ve developed and tested HanaViewers for compatibility with all major smart device brands and operating systems. HanaViewers takes up only 10 megabytes of disk space on your iPhone/iPad or Android device and is lightweight, meaning it won’t collect and store unnecessary information on your device and cause it to run slow over time. Please do note that since HanaViewers uses GPS tracking to help you manage deliveries, the app will incur additional costs from your mobile service provider.

Florists across the USA are loving HanaViewers. The constant feedback we’re receiving from the florist community is helping to inform the way our mobile app will evolve over time. This means we’re not building just another app, but developing a solution that resonates with the unique challenges busy florists face as they grow their business. If you haven’t yet, make sure you get your free 30-day demo account of Hana Florist POS and see why countless florists are migrating to greener pastures.

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