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Here’s the smart way to increase holiday season revenue

With big shopping calendar dates like Thanksgiving and Black Friday hot on the heels of Halloween, making it to the other side of Christmas is a feat on its own. But florists who play their cards right might just get through another frenzy filled holiday season with a decent bump in their bottom lines.

Pandemonium is probably the best way to describe the months that follow Thanksgiving and busy retail stores are getting ready for a busy season ahead. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some quick and simple ways to increase your profits over the coming festive season.

Kick off an easy to implement email campaign

If your current floral POS lacks integrated email, an automated email marketing software like Constant Contact or Mailchimp will save you loads of time in getting a Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Halloween promotion sequence off the ground. Mailchimp, for example, sends millions of emails on behalf of businesses of varying industries every month. 


Email campaigns are a great way to attract new and existing customers.

For florists, a platform like Mailchimp makes it very easy to set up ongoing email campaigns. Its freemium version gives you access to a host of templates, images and designs that will make your bouquets stand out and give your emails a real kick. Getting around is a matter of dragging and dropping your images where you want them and crafting an order-generating email along with it.

Need inspiration? Check out these absolutely stunning emails that you can cobble together in no time when you sign up for a free Mailchimp account. Constant Contact also has a great plan that comes in at $20 pm and lets you use a ton of free templates and imagery and monitor email responses and engagements effectively.

Give your regular customers a special something

Why not reward regular customers with special discounts on their Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas flowers as an incentive to place their orders with you over the holidays? Include a personalized note in your bouquets and give your loyal customers a discount just for him or her.

You could even segment that contact database of yours and send them a personalized email to tell them that they’re earned a special discount and send them to your online store.


A personal discount for a valued patron can go a long way.

You have a quite some room for creativity here; you could for example, offer free deliveries to businesses over December, or offer an exclusive, personalized floral design reserved for loyal customers. Regular customers are also prone to trust your recommendations, so include appropriate add on suggestions with their favorite blooms and see your revenues go up exponentially.

Use in-store merchandising tips from the pros

Few businesses can upstage florists when it comes to putting up great looking merchandise; and when you’ve nailed it, people notice. “It gives them that bright idea about how it would look in their homes, how they could use it in their business, how they would feel wearing it, and especially how they could smartly combine several items.”

Use this insight from the folks at Retail Doc to inspire your holiday season displays and entice passersby to make a 90 degree turn into your front door.


Put your best merchandise forward this holiday season.

Another good idea is to prop up a section of your store early to announce the arrival of new seasons or big calendar dates. Give walk-in customers and browsers a glimpse of your designs for upcoming holidays and be ready to take a few early orders while you’re at it. And assuming you have a website, do the same in your online space and let early online shoppers place their orders with you.

Catch more eyeballs online

It’s a fact that more people buy flowers online instead of walking into a shop and buying them. It’s also a fact that most florist websites are really awful-looking and seriously outdated. The reason for this is that majority flower shop owners in North America are content to drive business to their stores using wire services who own a massive portion of the online floral space.


Get found online and stop waiting for wire services.

A website that’s optimized for SEO and constantly updated with fresh content sets you apart from the run of the mill floral sites you find online. In fact, a well maintained website can generate a floral shop more business than walk-ins ever could. 

Hana has an amazing offer for flower shop owners that includes an SEO and conversion rate optimized website that not only looks great, but also has a powerful marketing team of experts behind it. Our range of ecommerce stores are designed to get florists found online and increase direct business by up to 3 times.  If your online space reminds you of fax machines and dial up connections, talk to us about a complete marketing solution that turns your website into order generating machine.

Make it a profitable festive season

Florists who position themselves for the upcoming holiday season are set to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Getting a few things in place before the silly season kicks off will give you the edge and secure more direct business for your store. Hana floral POS and the range of free Hana Websites can help you take your independence back and secure more profits for your business all year long.

Start your free trial of Hana today.

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