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10 Holiday Marketing Ideas For Flower Shops

Looking for florist holiday marketing ideas during the holiday season? Well, you are in the right place. Holidays are a great time for flower shop owners because during holidays, people love to indulge in simple pleasures of life. During these holiday seasons, people’s purchase power and willingness to purchase also increase. In order to leverage this, you need to plan for your holiday marketing ideas well in advance. Here are 10 holiday marketing ideas that will increase profit for your holiday flower shop as well as florist website.

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1. Promote more items as gifts

During the holiday season, people get busy buying gifts for their loved ones. So, promoting more of your products as gifts is one of the most profitable florist marketing ideas that we can give you. This works especially well for flower shops because people love gifting flowers anyway. So, if you want to boost sales like crazy during the holidays, start vigorously promoting your floral products by showing how lovely it is to gift someone flowers. Offer your customers ideas on which floral products are good for whom and which occasions and provide more ideas on how to turn flowers into meaningful gifts.

2. Offer holiday pricing

Your pricing strategy is an important factor in your business plan. Offering holiday-special prices and promoting them vigorously will help your florist website and flower shop a lot. You can offer discounts by bundling a few products, or a flower arrangement with some add-ons, and offering a collective discounts on the bundle. You can also offer successive discounts where the more a person purchases, the more discount he gets. For example, if someone shops for $200, he gets a 10% discount, but if someone shops for $300, he gets a 20% discount. These strategies will inspire the customers to buy more from you.

3. Create a holiday-special product line

Nothing attracts new and old customers to your holiday flower shop like a holiday-special, limited-edition product line. In your floral shop, you can easily curate a bunch of flower arrangements along with holiday-themed add-ons right before the holiday season. Customers feel that they are getting something special for a limited time and they don’t want to miss out on them.

4. Give your store a holiday makeover

Transform your holiday flower shop and website into a themed wonderland by giving it a holiday makeover. This is one of the most well-accepted strategies for retail shops that works like a charm. It gets people into the holiday mood, and the products look extremely charming and attractive. 

5. Create holiday-special PPC ads

Pay-Per-Click ads generate immediate and solid results for your floral website. Publishing holiday-special PPC ads right before the holiday season will give you the benefit of real-time SEO results. Create a bunch of different types of PPC ads targeting different segments of your target customer. Also use different styles of PPC ads including carousal, videos, and text-only ads.

6. Run holiday-themed social media campaigns

Targeted marketing campaign is another very useful floral shop idea for promoting your flower shop and website during the holiday season. Running them on social media yields great results and also increases your follower count. That in turn gives you long-term benefits as well. Creating a social media content calendar and posting relevant, useful, and entertaining content regularly will help you get the most out of the holiday season.

7. Arrange for contests and giveaways

Another great way to attract some holiday customers is by arranging for giveaways, contests, or lucky draws during the holiday season. You can keep simple and easy conditions like following your business pages on all your social media channels, write a review or submit a video review, post pictures of their recent purchases from your store, or make a few consecutive purchases from your store within a period of time. This will increase your followers, improve your brand value, and also increase your profit during the holiday season.

8. Holiday special email marketing

Email marketing is very useful for fulfilling your marketing goals. You can send personalized content to your subscribers through email marketing, offer deals and discounts, and announce product updates too. 

9. Create more video ads

Video ads work great nowadays for floral shops websites. After all, what could be more appealing to the eyes than watching beautiful floral arrangements bringing smiles to people’s faces! Spectacular video ads are a lead magnet for your florist website and store. Studies show that video ads have a high conversion rate as well. Through storytelling, video ads reach your customer’s heart very easily. They can also convey a lot of information within a very short time.

10. Publish blogs

And finally, publishing holiday-themed blogs help your marketing endeavors to a great deal. If you’re running a blog section on your website for year-long, then intimate your readers about your upcoming holiday blogs beforehand and get them interested. Blogs will also help you with SEO big time.

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