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How Do Florists Reach New Customers Through Social Media

Our daily usable social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are rapidly growing every day. There are billions of users worldwide, and no limit to how many people you can potentially reach out to on social media.

If you’re here to look for a way to increase your branding for your floral company, want to expand traffic at your website, and increase your overall annual sales, social media marketing can help.

What is social media marketing ?

Social media marketing is an internet platform that helps individuals and businesses to create and share their niche related contents on social media networks to achieve your target audience and branding goals. 

Believe it or not, social media is here to stay, and it’s for our benefit. Not only can we instantly connect to the audience through social media and companies all over the world, but it’s also the fastest way for something to be seen by thousands, even millions. Now with a single click of a button, thousands of people can visit your shop while sitting at home via your online page and can see the exact catchy phrase, picture, or offer.

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Why is social media marketing necessary for florists?

Instead of just talking about your flowers, social media platforms allow you to show your beautiful flower products too. We all know social media reaches billions of billion people every day, and one simple share can rapidly increase your number of customers.

From sharing the links to your floral website’s articles to providing coupons and special offers on a special occasion, social media allows you to share a lot of knowledgeable information to your audience related to your business. Sharing valuable information on your page could also be beneficial to you. If other people from your industry find the information valuable and share it on their page — it will increase your reach too.

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How to handle a Social Media account for Your Business?

In today’s time, there are numerous social media platforms you can choose to promote your shop, like – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. Rather than opening accounts on every site, we will suggest starting with one platform first and spending the time growing it organically. Let’s have a look at the key ways to make your floral business bloom with the help of social media and HanaPos

1. Promote the page

Let your friends and the customers know how and where to find you on your social media account. You should apply the same promotion strategies as you do on your website URL.

2. Be Active

Talk to the people you meet through social media with extra interest. As a beginner in the social media world, you should at least give an hour or two per week to your social media account. 

3. Listen to the Customers

 Always listen to the customers and competitors. Even the negative comments can be beneficial for your shop with the proper response. 

4. Creative marketing strategies

 When you’re developing offline and online marketing strategies, always include your social media. It can include calendars and algorithms research. We at HanaFlorist Pos can help your florist business to reach your target audience. 

5. Watch Your Competitors

Take a look at how other florists and businesses use social media.You competitors are your rivals but they can too help you enhance your business. You just have to monitor their daily activities.

List of the best Social Media Sites for Florist

Let’s talk more about each social media world for a better understanding of how florists can use these platforms.

1. Facebook

More than 2.135 billion monthly active users are on Facebook, and every year Facebook continues to increase its popularity by 14 percent. On Facebook, you can post pictures, videos and share text or updated information and links. Users or interested customers will like, share, and comment on your posts, which will increase your reach to extend your audience.

2. Twitter

More than 284 million active monthly users are on Twitter, and it is almost similar to Facebook but different in one thing. You are allowed to post images, videos, links, or text on Twitter— but only have 280 characters limitation. Twitter is more of a real-time feed, as the posts are short and to the point.

3. Instagram

More than 600 million active monthly users are on Instagram. If I am looking for a social media site to promote my business, in today’s time, I would rather choose Instagram. Instagram is the best social platform to advertise your floral business. In Instagram, you can post images and write a caption and give relatable hashtags, and you can also put stories. Instagram also allows you to post live videos and photos that expire after 24 hours.

Learn About More Social Media Sites For Florists

So now that you are all set with the acquired knowledge about why SMM is important for your florist business. We hope you will make it up to your target audience. We at HanaPos help florists to reach their audience through the finest business strategies.

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