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How Is Hana Florist Software Helping Local Florists?

POS systems are taking the retail industry by storm, and floral industry is not different. With the emergence of thousands of local small florist businesses, the competition is tough. With every company fighting off to capture the potential buyer’s attention, there are so many things that can go wrong.

A simple florist POS software helps local florists in ways that are unimaginable for those who are not well-aware about it. Reading this article will definitely enlighten you.

What is Hana Florist POS software?

POS or point-of-sale are systems that makes the daily operations of a retail business easier. You might have seen traditional POS machines installed in restaurants or shops. A POS software performs the exact same tasks (and more) but it doesn’t require bulky and dedicated hardware installation. It is a cloud-based system that you can use from any device, anywhere and anytime you want.

Hana Florist POS is especially designed for the floral industry that makes it 10x easier to run your florist website and improves your flower shop portfolio significantly. Want to know how? Keep reading.

How can Hana florist POS help a local florist?

Hana Florist POS helps local florist businesses by automating a lot of tasks, and making other tasks easier one way or another. Here are some of the benefits that Hana florist offers:

1. It makes the ordering process so easy

Hana POS records and maintain all ordering details for new and returning customers. Whenever a new order is placed through your website, the POS software records it and supports in every step until the order is delivered and completed.

2. Universal dashboard for both online and offline orders

If you are a local florist business who have both online and offline presence, then Hana POS will be particularly beneficial for you. Forget about keeping track of both types of orders differently. Hana’s universal dashboard allows you to manage both online and offline orders from a single dashboard. Now there’s no chance of missing or forgetting about an order, isn’t that great?

3. Automating most of the order processing steps

Not only accepting and recording the orders, but Hana POS automates most of the backend operations for the order fulfillment too. It accepts payments, lets you know the inventory status for all the ingredients necessary for building up the order, and also assigns a delivery person on the scheduled date and time. It tracks the delivery status, and finally marks it when completed.

4. Analytics for sales and marketing

The analytics feature is just great. It shows you how your business is performing. It records and interprets all your sales data to inform you about the best and worst performing products, and future possible trends and demands. It measures and analyzes the success of your marketing campaigns and helps improving them. For florist SEO, it also automates a lot of the local florist marketing tactics and help you reach your target audience faster and in a more effective way.

5. Helping in Customer Service

Hana POS also takes care of the Customer Service. AI-powered bots are perfectly capable of handling simple concerns raised by customers, or delegating to a human when it requires special attention.

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